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Privacy Protection Policy

Thank you for visiting the website of the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture (hereafter referred to as “this Site”). To ensure that you are able to securely use the services and information provided on the Site, we would like to inform you clearly of our privacy protection policy to safeguard your rights. Please read the following message:

1. Application Scope of the Privacy Right Protection
The content of the privacy protection policies includes how your personal identification information collected from using this Site’s services is processed. The privacy protection policies are not applicable to linked sites outside this Site, and are also not applicable to personnel not appointed by this Site or those not involving in managing this Site.

2. Ways of Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Data

When you visit or use the functions and services provided by this Site, you might be required to provide necessary personal data based on the nature of the services. Your personal data will be used within the scope of said functions and services only. Without a written consent, your personal data will not be used for other purposes.

When using the service mailbox, questionnaire and other interactive functions, this Site will keep the provided name, email address, contact information, and time of access.

During general browsing, the server will automatically record related routes, including your IP address used by your connection equipment, time of access, browser used, records of browsing, selected data, etc., as references for the improvement of services provided by this Site. These records are only used internally, and will never be publicized externally. 

In order to provide precise and accurate services, we will compile statistics and analyze gathered questionnaire contents. The statistics and descriptive text of the analysis results, apart from forming the bases of internal research, will be publicized if necessary. However, such publicization will not include personal data of specific individuals. 

Based on the Personal Data Protection Act declared by the Republic of China, you are entitled to exercise the following rights with regard to your personal data:
1. the right to make an inquiry of and to review your personal data;

2. the right to request a copy of your personal data;

3. the right to supplement or correct your personal data;

4. the right to demand the cessation of the collection, processing or use of your personal data; and

5. the right to erase your personal data.


3. Data Protection

The computer mainframes of this Site are all protected by firewalls, anti-virus systems and necessary safety protection procedures to strictly protect the Site and your personal data. Only authorized personnel are allowed access to your personal data, and all related personnel have signed a confidential agreement. Any violation is punishable by related regulations and laws. 

If it is necessary to entrust other organizations for their services due to business needs, this Site will make sure that the obligations of confidentiality are strictly followed, and will adopt necessary inspection procedures to ensure the compliance of the entrusted parties. 


4. Related Links to External Sites

The webpages of this Site provide links to other websites. You can go to other websites through the links provided by this Site. However, the privacy protection policies of this Site are not applicable to the external websites. You are strongly advised to read the privacy protection policies of the external websites. 


5. Policies Regarding Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties
This Site will not provide, trade, lease, or sell your personal data to other persons, organizations, private corporations, or government agencies, except when required by law or contractual obligations.

Exceptions to the above item include but are not limited to cases where:

You provide written permission to share your personal data. Sharing is required by law. Sharing is necessary to prevent danger to your life, your body, your freedom, or your property.

Sharing is required by government agencies or academic institutions for data analysis or academic research for public interest, and the information has been processed by the provider or collector to render the identification of specific parties impossible.

Your actions on this Site violate the terms of service, possibly harm or hinder the rights of other users of this Site, or cause damages to others, and after analysis, the management of this Site deems the revelation of your personal data necessary to identification, contact, or legal actions. 

Sharing is beneficial to your interests.

When this Site entrusts outside parties with the tasks of collecting, processing, or using your personal data, we will supervise said parties responsibly as they complete their tasks.

6. Use of Cookies
To provide better services, this Site will store and access cookies on your computer. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may adjust your browser's privacy settings and set the privacy protection level to “high” to reject them. However, this may prevent some of the functions of this Site to be carried out.


7. Revision of the Privacy Protection Policy

This Policy will be revised as needed. Revisions will be announced on this Site.