About Foundation


Engendering a solid foundation for a vibrant cultural community is the Taishin Foundation’s greatest priority. With a mission “to raise the quality of cultural life by cultivating a healthy environment for artistic development,” Chairman Thomas T.L. Wu established the non-profit Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture in May 2001. His vision was to inspire, nurture, and spread the spirit of the times through the corporate social commitment in support of the contemporary arts, for it is the arts that capture the diverse social trends and rapid evolution of the twenty-first century. Positioned amid globalization and localization, the Taishin Foundation aims to encourage Taiwanese contemporary arts and culture through the assessment, evaluation and underwriting of local arts. Through expanding Taiwanese arts and stimulating cultural creativity worldwide, the Taishin Foundation seeks to enrich the lifestyle and imagination of the Taiwanese people.


In 2002, the Foundation established the Taishin Arts Award, which became the center of the Foundation’s work. With focus on events of visual, performing and trans-disciplinary arts, the Award has developed a selection procedure including proactive nomination and cross-disciplinary review, both pioneering initiatives in Taiwan. To ensure wide spectrum, depth and international visibility, the nomination process includes specially invited nominators, interactive discussions and inter-disciplinary dialogue, a channel for public discussion through the ARTalks website, as well as the involvement of international, influential arts and cultural specialists in the final selection. In establishing this local arts award, the Foundation continues to introduce innovative, excellent arts creations to the public, and attempts through frequent observation, discourse, as well as relevant events of promotion and education, to achieve the ultimate goal of responding to art itself. The Taishin Arts Award is a reflection of the cultural diverseness of Taiwan, an important means through which remarkable works may interact again with the society and create mutual inspirations. It is the aspiration of the Foundation to serve as a means of communication between artists and the public, and as a missionary for corporate contribution to the society.