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2009 Staff Artstic Trainings Program - Schedule

2009 Staff' Arts Trainings Program

Types of Class:
1. Body movement in theatre arts (5 classes)
2. Performing arts enrichment (2 classes)
3. Handcraft arts creation (1 class)
4. Art therapy / Writing for Wellness (2 classes)
5. Exhibition docent-led tour (2 classes)

Time and Duration of Class:
One class per month. Class is scheduled at either 7:00pm on a Friday or 2:00pm in the weekend.  Each class takes approximately 2-2.5 hours.

1/11 (Sun.) Exhibition tour "The Super Generation @Taiwan" @ MOCA Taipei (sign-ups are full)
2/7 (Sat.) Theatre Games Workshop @ Taishin Tower
2/28(Sat.) Exhibition tour "Spectacle- to Each His Own" @ MOCA Taipei (sign-ups are full)
3/15 (Sun.) The LOHAS Writing @ Taishin Tower
4/10 (Fri) Touch the Theatre in Person ~ Script Reading @ Taishin Tower
5/16 (Sat.) Touch the Theatre in Person ~ Directing @ Guling Street Avant-Garde Theatre
6/20 (Sat.) Touch the Theater in Person ~ Acting @ Guling Street Avant Garde Theatre
7/17 (Fri.) Voice Expression @ Taishin Tower
8/16 (Sun.) My LOHAS Shopping Bag (Handcraft Workshop for Family) @ Taishin Tower
10/17 (Sat.) Movie "Melinda and Melinda" @ Taishin Tower
11/22 (Sun.) The Writing of Happiness@ Taishin Tower

Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture reserves the right of program change.

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