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Nominees for the 4th Quarter
October 1st ~ December 31, 2009

Category: Performing Arts           
Flashing Lucidity》/Dance Forum
Growing Up》/HORSE
2009 Flagship ProductionSong of Pensive Beholding / Chants de la destinée 》/Legend Lin Dance Theatre
Legitimate Crimes》/Ping Fong  Acting Troupe
Derrick Wei × Der Schönste Moment》/The Puppet & Its Double Theater
Five Clowns and A Chair 》/Theatre De La Sardine
2009 National Theatre Young Stars New VisionClear Life》/Vera CHEN, Director & Performer
The 14th Crown Art FestivalThe Two of Us》/Comedians Workshop II
Op. 19Touch Me, If You Can》/Creative Society Theatre Company
Beauty & Beast》/Tainaner Ensemble
Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Coat New Version of Nanquan KunquXin Xin Nanquan Ensemble
Jade Y.Chen Taiwanese Literary Award Theatre Mazu's Bodyguards》/CKS Cultural Center, Organizer; Jade Y. Chen, Director
2009 New Idea Series The Archetype of Ant Hole 》/Mobius Strit Theatre
Fight Me Now!》/M. O. V. E Theatre Group
2009 Life of LoveTainaner Ensemble
The 14th Crown Art FestivalThe IslandEX-Theare AsiaDance Forum, Organizer; Fa and Ming-shuai SHIH, Performers
Bond (a Bangzi opera adaptation of The Merchant of Venice )Taiwan Bangzi Company
2009 New Idea Series Dreams of Manuscript 》/CKS Cultural Center, Organizer;  Katherine H. CHOU, Playwright; Yi-Hsiu LEE, Director
New Idea Series 《The Dream Digger1/2Q Theatre
2009 Shih-San WU's Recital NÉOPERCUSME》/Shih-San WU
Christian Lindberg & TCO En SHAO, Conductor; Christian Linberg, Trombonist; National Chinese Orchestra
The Virtuous Mother of General Tao Kan》/CKS Cultural Center, Organizer; Chiung-chih LIAO,  Mei Yun TANG,  Xiao Mi and Hui-jun SHIH, Performers
Saxophonist Claude Delangle & TCO》/Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Self Recommended Entries Which Pass the Preliminary Review
Entrance》/Diabolo Dance Theatre
Step InHappening 2009— Site-specific Creative Dance Performance》/Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company

Category: Visual Arts]
Animamix Biennial Visual Attract & Attack》/Victoria Lu & Maple LIN  (Curator)
Viewpoints & Viewing points —2009  Asian Art Biennial》/Chao-yi TSAI (Curator)
 $1.99 lb. Tang Tang-Fa Solo Exhibition》/Tang-Fa TANG
The LiQUiD STATE - Jing-yuan CHEN's Solo Exhibition》/Jing-yuan CHEN
2009 Hweilan International Artists Workshop Exhibition》/Sheau-shei PAN & Li-ch WANG
Material World in the Amis Tribe of Riverbank Chien-ming LU & Su-chen HSU
Yi-Chen HUNG's Solo ExhibitionTranscript》/

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