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Bubu— Labay Eyong Solo Exhibition  



"Mother often says that I have always liked taking everything out of closets to re-organize since childhood. While I was doing it, I would murmur words, like 'Ah. I am working so hard. How come there are so many clothes to fold.' I did not realize that this has become a lifelong habit. When I looked into Bubu's closet, I held my breath, and all the hair on my body stood up."

— Labay Eyong


For Labay Eyong, if she has to name one person or one thing that has had the most profound influence on her, it would be her Bubu (grandmother), Mrs. YANG Yu-Ying, and Bubu's closet. This time, the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture invites Labay Eyong for a solo exhibition, in which the artist makes use of fifty pieces of cloth woven by Bubu. Each piece of the cloth has taken seven to fourteen days to finish. Since Bubu did not weave on hot days, it means this work represents seven hundred cold days of weaving by Bubu. Labay Eyong created this work during the Lunar New Year when the weather was also cold. Her father burned some logs to keep her warm, and the smoke and ashes from the fire spiraled around the work. She has put in tremendous physical efforts to deconstruct and reconstruct the collected second-hand clothes, and fully enjoyed this repetitive rhythm.


Artist / Labay Eyong

Labay Eyong holds an MA in Temporary Space Design from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain. Labay Eyong attempts to reach a balance state between the modern and ancient spirits through artistic creation to manifest strength through softness. She develops and explores the self with the traditional Truku art of weaving. Her work ranges from metal work, soft sculpture, spatial installation, video, and public art.



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