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Throughout the years, Yang Sheng-Feng's sculpture has been consciously interwoven with two interrogative threads, which are his thinking on sculptural form that materializes problematics and his emphasis on interacting with people's minds that resonates with our time. From 2004 onward, he has presented a series of solo exhibitions, including The Changing form, Destruction/Re-construction, Silent Contemplation—Three-dimensional Installation Exhibition, Tension of Extension, The Scenery of Interdependence, A State of Transition:The Contemplation Occasion, in which he pays attention to changes of external social environment and contemplation of the inner self, and in the meantime, pursues the goal of using sculptural form to respond to inner perception. Invited by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, Yang's solo exhibition, Form Follows Action, guides audience to explore the formation process of sculpture by questioning how power is externalized and curved through physically experiencing the inner tension. Audience could see twist and integration of sculptural surfaces, reduction, expansion, or extension of volume, and partial division and stretch. His work not only manifests power that can be detected in form, but is also emblematic of internal force as well as anticipation of transformation within society.


Artist / Yang Shang-Feng

Yang Shang-Feng holds an MFA from Graduate School of Art, Nihon University. In 2007, his work was selected into 55∘Premio Faenza - The International Competition of Ceramic Art in Italy, and has been shown multiple times in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

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