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The Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troup 

To sing the traditional tribal stories of the Eastern Taiwan, to recall the Amis’ joyful dancing world.

The Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe is named after “chu” (the traditional Amis farming tool, “a pestle”), which symbols the source of power and the life spring of the indigenous people, in hope of not forgetting about their roots. Chu-Yin represents how the aboriginal people desire to express outwards from their inner souls. Altogether, tribes aim to mutually understand and appreciate each other through the cultural transmission by dancing and singing, to anticipate the traditional singing and dancing culture, and to inherit and pass down the tradition via the most original and purest performances.

The Chu-Yin Culture and Arts Troupe has been established for eighteen years. It has been promoting the local art and cultural movements basing on the intention to preserve and maintain the Amis traditional culture. By singing the epics of the Taitung Malan villages, Chu-Yin elders present the authentic folk songs while the women and young people dance along to pray to the ancestors’ spirits.

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