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The Visual Arts AwardDean-E Mei  [ Mei Dean-E Solo Exhibitionr ]
Title of Exhibition: Mei Dean-E Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Date: Sep. 6 ~ Nov. 30, 2003
Mei Dean-E marks the historical development of Taiwanese culture. His work is the reflection of the second-generation immigrants in Taiwan from the Mainland China.
Mei also marks the development of Taiwanese arts. Mei’s invasion of arts into politics offers the opportunity to reflect and judge politics on the basis of art.
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The Performing Arts AwardsCloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan [ Cursive II ]
Title of the Project: Cursive II
Date of Premier: Aug. 30, 2003
Cursive II is the result of a long journey into the ancient practice of movement and spirituality...
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The Jury's Special AwardTu Wei-cheng [ The Beauty and Mystery of Bu Num Civilization Revealed:Tu Wei-cheng Solo Exhibition ]
Title of Exhibition: The Beauty and Mystery of Bu Num Civilization Revealed: Tu Wei-cheng Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Date: Aug. 8 ~ Sep. 28, 2003
"The Beauty and Mystery of Bu Num Civilization Revealed" and Jean Baudrillard's (1929-) "simulacre" have the similar appeals. The latter aims to reveal the mystic operating logic or structure underlying the consumer society...
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