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2003- 2nd Annual  Taishin Arts Awards Taishin Finalists

Hu Kun-Jung[ Hu Kun-Jung's Solo Exhibition 2003 ]
Title of Exhibition: Hu Kun-Jung’s Solo Exhibition 2003
Exhibition Date: Oct. 25 ~ Nov. 29, 2003
On the one hand, Kun-Jung Hu’s work features the trace of Constructivism, particularly the trace of Suprematism advocated by Malevich. However, on the other hand, this outstanding feature may, to some extent, conceal subtle yet conspicuous cultural difference of his work...
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Chew's Culture FoundationCurator Chia Chi Jason Wang[ Simulation─The Poetics of Imaging in the Technology Age ]
Title of Exhibition: Simulation─The Poetics of Imaging in the Technology Age
Exhibition Date: Oct. 11 ~ Dec. 28, 2003

"Simulation─The Poetics of Imaging in the Technology Age" is the exhibition organized by Chia Chi Jason Wang at the invitation of Hong-gah Museum to celebrate the fourth anniversary of opening the museum. This exhibition aims to continue the tradition of the past three anniversaries. That is to integrate the artistic theory with the practice so as to present the development path of art in Taiwan. Those artists and their works which vigorously depict issues related to technology, art, humanity etc. are the targets this exhibition wants to include.
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Tao, Ya Lun[ Consciousness in Vacuum ]
Title of Exhibition: Consciousness in Vacuum
Exhibition Date: Jul. 5 ~ Aug. 2, 2003
Because of his insisting on the dialogue between one’s own personal experience and the technology, Tao Ya-Lun is a maverick in the trend of high-tech art which just starts to pick up the speed in Taiwan now. This dialogue itself is a forceful and straightforward criticism toward technology. That is technology is sweeping away and replacing one's own personal experience, or even makes the existence of complete experiences impossible. Of course, the relationship between technology and personal experience may not be so exclusive but more ambiguous and flirtatious. That is a bridge does exist somewhere for the connection between technology and personal experience, or what is more is that technology even offers a new venue for the expression of personal experience.
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Lai Chiu-Chen[ Parts of Toys – Solo Exhibition by Lai Chiu-Chen ]
Title of Exhibition: Parts of Toys – Solo Exhibition by Lai Chiu-Chen
Exhibition Date: Dec.13, 2003 ~ Feb. 15, 2004
Dissolve into primordial purity—“Parts of Toys” by Lai Jiu-cheng
The generation of Lai Jiu-cheng spent their childhood playing plastic toys. At the first glance, “Parts of Toys”presents the formal aesthetics and seems like a master stroke by one who is familiar with western modernism. However, in the other way, it seems to scramble the order inadvertently. The spirits of M. Rothko, E. Kelly, J. Johns, Rauschenberg, or even S. Rothenberg are randomly presented. The texture of acrylic fiber is explored to the full extent, not limiting by the arrangement of the tableau, color, concepts of the Pop art etc. This piece of work recovers the childlike eagerness to explore the world and satisfies us by the process of questioning, disassembly, simulation, description, drawing and recombination.
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Wang Te-Yu[ Wang Te-Yu Solo Exhibition – A drift ]
Title of Exhibition: Wang Te-Yu Solo Exhibition – A drift
Exhibition Date: Oct. 7~ Nov. 30, 2003
The most gripping work of Te-Yu Wang is her plastic air-filled airbag. Its gigantic structure is full of some kind of tension. Visitors have to move around and explore its inside and outside space. The space is shared by one’s own self as well as others, embodying an important transition of the modern art concept. The thick film of the airbag plays a key role in this piece of work. It shows us the subjective experiences one may have.
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