Taishin Tower 1F Exhibition
  • Date 2023.08.21
  • Venue 1F Lobby of Taishin Holding

Contemporary Foraging|Weed Day

◌ Date│2023. 8.21 –10.14

◌Venue│1F Lobby of Taishin Holding(9 am – 6 pm, Mon - Fri)

▌Artwork Introduction

Local terroir and herbal culture blend human sentiments with the taste of Mother Earth.

Series of Weed Tea in Taiwan, Nurtured by Mother Earth comprises a series of postcards themed on the idea of “making a pot of tea for the land.” Drawing inspiration from Mother Nature’s wisdom learned from the earth, the art collective forages and teases out wild plants, namely weeds, which can be easily found in everyday life, to make distinctive tea recipes created by the earth that carry the wild flavor of local terroir. Every corner and each land is like a incessantly vibrant and uniquely intriguing cosmos. Weed Day make weed tea based on the recipes from different regions, and uses grass roots as the brush to tranquilly write and draw, creating healing mandalas of weeds as to offer good wishes for the land.

Outside the Taishin Tower, a special area is reserved for a “no-mowing” experiment to liberate and regenerate wild land in the city corner for a diverse ecosystem.

▌About the Artists

Tiffany Lay & Zo Lin in the art space, Grassland/photo ©Traveler Luxe

雜草稍慢 Weed Day

Observing and perceiving in a romantic and persistent way, Weed Day is a foraging artist collective who blends Taiwan’s grass, eco-environment, and art experimentation together. With art exhibitions, workshops, publications, space and community projects, Weed Day launches “contemporary foraging,” an endeavor weaving different aspects involving biodiversity, cultural diversity and social diversity, to bridge the gaps between individuals, between people and the land, as well as between humanity and itself. Weeds are wild plants closest to people’s life. Through foraging weeds and coexisting with the wilderness, they hope to convey the most relevant messages from nature, and to look after the planet and people’s mind, body and spirit with a cup of tea, continuously exploring a lifestyle inspired from within.

People go into the wild to be close to nature yet, nature is all around us through the weeds. ---- By Weed Day.

Weed Day|Official website