Taishin Arts Award 2012/11


About 2012 - The 11th Taishin Arts Award

About 2012 - The 11th Taishin Arts Award

The Visual Arts Award: WU Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio/ Art as Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek

The Performing Arts Award: UTUX, Pan-Spirit’s Men for Music and Dance/ Her Silent Innermost

The Jury's Special Award: 1/2 Q Theatre/ Peach Blossom Rain

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The 11th Taishin Arts Award Winners Annouced

The 11th Taishin Arts Award Winners Annouced

Winner of the 11th Annual Performing Arts Award:

UTUX, Pan-Spirit’s Men for Music and Dance for Her Silent Innermost

Winner of the 11th Annual Visual Arts Award:

WU Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio for Art as Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek

Winner of the 11thJury’s Special Award:

1/2 Q Theatre for Peach Blossom Rain

One of Taiwan's most prestigious honors in the field of arts and culture, the Taishin Arts Award has announced the winners of this year's 11th iteration. Artist WU Mali and the Bamboo Curtain Studio took home the Annual Visual Arts Award, while in Performing Arts category, Pisui Ciyo/UTUX, Pan-Spirit's Men for Music and Dance made history as both the first work addressing Taiwan's aboriginal peoples to win the prize, and the first inaugural work ever to win the prize. Additionally, the Jury's Special Award was presented to 1/2 Q Theatre.

Pisui Ciyo/UTUX, Pan Spirit's Men for Music and Dance were recognized for their theatre project Her Silent Innermost, based on a year of fieldwork interviews and research at Sbayen tribe in Nantou county, home to the Squliq linguistic cluster of the Tayal tribe. The work centers upon the personal narratives of five Tayal women over the age of 80, whose lives span from the late Japanese colonial period to the current era. According to the jury: “Pisui Ciyo’s work stands at a cross point between anthropological research, contemporary life, and sustainability. Her work is a personal, intimate, individual search. The haunting melodies and the clear conflicts speak of the loss that modern society is experiencing. Loss of identity. Loss of connection to what is important. Yet, it is also a work of survival. Pisui Ciyo is a contemporary artist who pulls from her traditions while inserting and layering other traditions. The work encompasses multiple creative disciplines and theatricalities.”

The Annual Visual Arts Award was awarded to WU Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio for Art as Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Creek. Proposing an ecology-focused planning for urban villages, the project brought together professionals from different fields—including those from local primary and secondary schools, as well as universities—and artists spanning a variety of media to initiate dialogue between local residents and the public sector and apply theoretical aspects of critical pedagogy to practical situations. The judges agreed: “Art as Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Creek demonstrates an outstanding example of the exploration of social issues through artistic practice, addressing sustainable development, environmental protection and encouraging community participation. WU Mali and HSIAO Li-Hung’s cross-border collaboration reaches a level of dialogue, giving rise to a new type of public art. The fact that the project has already aroused attentions from various governmental agencies also proves its potential to become an encouraging case study for other practitioners and communities that confront similar conditions.”

The Jury’s Special Award was given to 1/2 Q Theatre for Peach Blossom Rain. The jury said: “1/2 Q Theatre is committed to expanding the modern vitality of Kunqu theater, and its achievement is outstanding. The work Peach Blossom Rain has managed to cross various strains of operatic tradition, simultaneously implementing the vocabularies of traditional opera and modern theater, of both the performing arts and the visual arts, in a multicultural dialogue. It achieves a profound interaction between the medium and the meaning of the text, illustrating an underlying layer of universal human nature, namely self-realization or questioning. It echoes the distinct plight of contemporary Taiwanese society.”

Sponsored by Taishin Financial Holdings, the Taishin Arts Awards confer prizes of NT $1 million to the winners of the performing and visual arts categories, with an additional NT $300,000 for the Jury's Special Award. The awards recognize performing arts productions and visual arts exhibitions that have premiered in the previous calendar year. Comprising leading international and local professionals, international jury members for the 11th edition included Korean curator Sunjung Kim and dean of the School of Fine Art, Royal College of Art, Ute Meta Bauer, in the visual arts category, and the Artistic Director of Singapore's TheatreWorks and founder of Arts Network Asia, Ong Keng Sen; the Secretary General of International Association of Theatre Critics, Michel Vais, and Co-Director of American Dance Abroad, Carolelinda Dickey in the performing arts category.

At this year's awards ceremony, the chairman of the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture, Simon Cheng, announced that the prize will be revamping its selection system with next year's 12th iteration, with an eye toward expanding its inclusivity. The exhibition of this year's Taishin Arts Award finalists at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, continues through June 23.

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The 11th Taishin Arts Award Finalists Announced!

The 11th Taishin Arts Award Finalists Announced!

Visual Arts

作品名稱中英文 Title of the Exhibition
入圍者名稱中英文 Name of Nominee


策展人 蔡明君

Curator: TSAI Ming-Jiun


Re-envisioning Society

策展人 鄭慧華

Curator: Amy CHENG


Circumgyration: A Quartet


CHEN Chin-Pao

尋畫—現實主義畫家 吳耀忠

Searching for WU Yao-Zhong’s Paintings: Stories of a Realist Artist


Wistaria Cultural Association, Center for Asia Pacific/Cultural Studies at National Chiao Tung University


Art as Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek


WU Mali & Bamboo Curtain Studio

Performing Arts

作品名稱中英文 Title of the Performance
入圍團隊名稱中英文 Name of Nominee
NSO《心靈聖詠》─洪崇焜作品《Vox Naturae》

NSO Kaleidoscopic France Song of Soul ─HUNG Chung-Kun: Vox Naturae


National Symphony Orchestra (NSO)

TCO反景入深林─向周文中致敬 I -II

Tribute To CHOU Wen-Chung I-II


Taipei Chinese Orchestra


Yo Gee Ti


National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C.


2 Men


HORSE Dance Theatre


Playing the Violin


Creative Society

寂靜時刻-Inllungan na Kneril

Her Silent Innermost


UTUX, Pan-Spirit’s Men for Music and Dance




Huang Yi Studio


Peach Blossom Rain


1/2 Q Theatre


A Dream Under the Southern Bough


Chien Kuo Group Foundation for Arts and Culture


Deathless Beauty


Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company

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11th-4th Quarter Nominees 2012

11th-4th Quarter Nominees 2012

Category: Visual Arts

4th Quarter Nominees

October 1st-December 31st, 2012

Happiness Building

CHEN Chieh-Jen

WU Chi-Tsung Solo Exhibition

WU Chi-Tsung

Melancholy in Progress—Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2012

Curator: Amy CHENG, GUO Jan-Lan

Illusion Reality:Photo Exhibition by SHEN Chao-Liang

SHEN Chao-Liang

South Country, South of Country—Vietnamese & Taiwanese Artists Exchange Project / Final Exhibition in Tainan

Co-Curator: NGUYEN Nhu Huy + Nobuo TAKAMORI

Artists: NGO Thi Thuy Duyen + LIN Hsin Her

NGO Dinh Truc + LIN Jin Da

BUI Cong Khanh + LIN Shu Kai

Adiong LU + TRUONG Cong Tung

Forum for Creativity in Art—When Spaces Became Events…Dispositif of Modernity in the 1980s, Taiwan

Curator:WANG Pin-Hua

An Inconvenient Truth: New Environmental Art in Cijin

Curator:Ming Turner

Party of Golden Rays—Special Exhibition by Formosa Wall Painting Group

Curator:HUANG Chih-Wei

Artists:CHIU Wu-De, LEE Ming-Tse, LEE Jiun-Yang, LU Mu-Jen, CHIAO, Sheng-Wei, HUANG Po-Hsun, Mr. Black Chicken

Exhibition at the Tunghai University Art Gallery—Yard

Curator:TSAI Ming-Jiun

Loops in the Vacancy—DIN Chin-Chung Solo Exhibition

DIN Chin-Chung

Project of X Bodhi Trees by SHI Jin-Hua

SHI Jin-Hua

Rite of Silence—WU Shang-Lin Solo Exhibition

WU Shang-Lin

Re-envisioning Society

Curator:Amy Cheng

Circumgyration Projects-Group Memories—Photo Exhibition by CHEN Chin-Pao

CHEN Chin-Pao

Urban Synesthesia

Curator:WANG Chun-Chi

What I Eat when We Talk about Reading—LIN Yu-Ting Solo Exhibition

LIN Yu-Ting

TOGO Rural Village Art Museum

TOGO Rural Culture Development Association

Total Amount of the Visual Arts 4th Quarter Nominees: 17


Self-recommended entries that pass the preliminary review

Cun—CHANG Kuang Bin’s Painting v.s New Media Art from Taiwan

Chew’s Culture Foundation

∞— CHANG Huei-Ming Solo Exhibition

CHANG Huei-Ming

Keywords 2012: Asynchronous Lifeworld

NPO Juming Culture & Education Foundation—Juming Museum

Staggering Matter

CHEN Ching-Yuan

《Ambiguous Being》Video Art Exchanging Project in Taipei、Berlin、Tel Aviv

Curator: TSAI Jia-Zhen


Category: Performing Arts

4th Quarter Nominees

October 1st-December 31st, 2012

Blooming Enlightenment

Artistic Director: LIU Ruo-Yu

Co-Arrangement: LIU Ruo-Yu, HUANG Chih-Chun, and youth artists from the U Theatre

Deathless Beauty

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Script: SHIH Ru-Fang

Director: DAI Jun-Fang

Performer: TANG Mei-Yun…

Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group 《Show On》

Presenter: Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group

Content: Siao Hong

Script: CHIEN Li-Ying

Director: Baboo

2012 Young Stars, New Vision I

《Joseph Wittje》, 《Give Me More》adaptation from Marsha Norman’s 《Night, Mother》

Directors: LI Ying-Chen, CHIANG Jui-Ming

Playing the Violin

Script: JI Wei-Ran

Director: LU Bo-Sheng

2012 Sixth Sense in Performance Arts Festival 《Rain 2》

Presenter: Bodyphase Studio

Oz Theatre Company《East of Eden 2012》

Director: WANG Mo-Lin

Performers: WANG Mo-Lin, CHENG Chih-Chung, HUANG Da-Wang

M.O.V.E. Theatre 《Nowhere Near》

Presenter: M.O.V.E. Theatre

Commissioned by: Quanta Arts Foundation

Director: FU Hong-Zheng

《Waking Dreams》by Wenshan Theater and Puppet & Its Double Theatre

Artistic Director, Puppet Instruction: CHENG Jia-Yin

Director, Music Design: HSU Hsiang-Hao

Script: Koh, Choon-Eiow

Dada Theatre 《Prenom Lear》

Director, Script Adaptation: LU Ai-Ling

Performers: ZHU Ke-Rong, SHIH Kuen-Cheng, SHIH Bi-Yu, CHENG Yu-Ting, HUANG Chih-Jia, CHEN Chao-Rui

The Birthmark behind the Ears 2012

Presenter: Short One Player Theater

Co-directors: WEI Jun-Chan, HE Xiang-Yi

Tainan Jen Theatre《How I Learned to Drive》

Artistic Director: LU Bo-Sheng, TSAI Bo-Chang

Script: Paula Vogel

Director: LIAO Ruo-Han

《What is Success?》by Edward Lam

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Director: Edward Lam

Script: HUANG Yong-Shi

Nanke Dream

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, Chien Kuo Foundation for Arts and Culture, Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theater

Artistic Director: TSAI Cheng-Ren

Director: WANG Chia-Ming

Self Re-Quests

Production: Creative Society

Script: Chan Jay

Director: HSU Yen-Ling

Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group《A Table Two Chairs x 4》

Presenter: Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group

Producer: CHEN Han-Ching

Director: WEI Ying-Juan, WANG Chia-Ming, HSU Yen-Ling, Baboo

The Danzz Quintet

Performer: Feet Dreamer

2012 Digital Performing Arts Festival 《Emptied Memories》

Performer, Creator: CHOU Tung-Yen, CHOU Shu-Yi

Tjimur Dance Theatre 2012 《Kavulungan‧The Breathing》

Artistic Director: LIAO Yi-Shin

Choreographer: Balu Madilin

Music: Sea Horse Music, HSU Hao-Hsiang

2012 Dancing in Autumn—《Off the Map》by YiLab

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Concept/Choreographer/Dancer: SU Wen-Chi

Stage Design: WU Chi-Tsung


Presenter: SHEU Fang-Yi and Artists, National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center Choreographer: Akram Khan, Christopher Wheeldon

Performers: SHEU Fang-Yi, Wendy Whelan

2012 Ku&Dancers《Voltar》

Presenter: Ku&Dancers

Jean-Jean’s Dance Theatre 《Corner Shop》

Artistic Director: Jade HUA

Choreography: LIN Chun-Hui


Choreographer: HUANG Yi

Performers: HUANG Yi, KUKA Robot

2012 Young Stars, New Vision II

《Parody》by WANG Ya-Ping

《Out of the Blue》by TIEN Hsiao-Tzu

《The Breezing Straw》by LIN Su-Lien

《Three for One》by CHANG Chien-Hao

Choreography: TIEN Hsiao-Tzu, LIN Su-Lien, CHANG Chien-Hao

Composition: WANG Ya-Ping

2012 Next Choreography Project II

《Les Petites Choses》by Sunny YANG

《Propositions On Disappearance II》by YU Yen-Fang

Presenter: Shu-Yi & Dancers

Producer: CHOU Shu-Yi

2012 Next Choreography Project II

《Inward》by LIN Su-Lien

《No Lines》by HSU Cheng-Wei

《ELUR》by CHANG Chin-Ru, WU Yi-Juen

《Fog》by LIU Guan-Hsiang

《If You Still Remember》by TSAI Yi-Jie

Presenter: Shu-Yi & Dancers

Producer: CHOU Shu-Yi

NSO New Frontier—Classical & Revolt

《Intermezzo: Shang for Symphonic Orchestra》by LI Yuan-Chen

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Performer: National Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Nicholas Milton

NSO Kaleidoscopic France—Song of Soul

《Vox Naturae》by HONG Chung-Kun

Presenter:  National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Performer: National Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: LU Shao-Chia

Masters & NSO Arise from Horizon

《Taipei Horizon》by Christian Jost

Presenter:  National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Performer: National Symphony Orchestra

Total Amount of the Performing Arts 4th Quarter Nominees: 30


Self-recommended entries that pass the preliminary review

Body Platform: Cabinet Anthropomorphique

CHANG Ting-Ting

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Transparent Tree

Transparent Tree

Materials: PVC, crystal soil and plants

Transparent Tree

Christmas Installation: December 10, 2012-January 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Installation: January 7, 2013-February 23, 2013

The transparent garden is built on a green wall. Living plants are arranged to structure hexagonal cells, constructing a Christmas-themed wall from scratch. Devil’s Ivy, flamingo flowers and air plants flourish in snowflake-shaped containers which hold fertile crystal soil, creating a warm and energetic Christmas atmosphere to wish you a happy holiday season.

Designed by MisoSoupDesign

Founded by Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan, MisoSoupDesign is an architectural design studio that concentrates on the process of making. After working in New York for many years, they decided to achieve the dream of making a project come true, by joining Solar Decathlon Europe 2010, and dedicate in the research of sustainability. After that, they began to apply the systematic way of thinking in both architecture and product design, and discover the surprising moment when form meets function. Currently, MisoSoupDesign has offices in Tokyo and Taiwan, and they are both Assistant Professor at the National Chiao Tung University. Received awards include A’Design Award Golden award, 7th Far Eastern International Digital Architectural Design Award, and ACADIA architectural competition 1st prize.

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11th-3rd Quarter Nominees 2012

11th-3rd Quarter Nominees 2012

Category: Visual Arts

3rd Quarter Nominees

July 1st-September 30th, 2012

Thing in Itself—CHEN Wen-Chi Solo Exhibition

CHEN Wen-Chi

Cover—NIU Chung-Chiang Solo Exhibition

NIU Chung-Chiang

An Opening—HUANG Tung-Shen Solo Exhibition

HUANG Tung-Shen

Quiet Noise—WANG Fu-Jui Solo Exhibition


Portrait Project—Shui-Shui Taiwan-women Ein-Dau Taiwan-men—LEE Min-Chung Solo Exhibition

LEE Min-Chung

Compound Eyes—Killing Image Lots in Taipei

Curator: WU Mu-Ching

Revitalization of Chiayi Sound Project

Yannick DAUBY, HSU Yen-Ting, TSAI Wan-Shuen

Beyond Gazing / Communion with the Permanent Collection

Curator: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

A Review of Sculpting Art Development in Taiwan : The 1970s


MoNTUE Inauguration Exhibition

Curator: LIN Man-Li

YANG Shih-Chih Solo Exhibition

YANG Shih-Chih

A Horoscope built out of Our Chariots—HSI Shih-Pin Solo Exhibition

HSI Shih-Pin

The Emperor’s Treasure Chest of the City

TU Wei-Cheng

Total Amount of the Visual Arts 3rd Quarter Nominees: 13


Category: Performing Arts

3rd Quarter Nominees

July 1st-September 30th, 2012

2012 Taipei Arts Festival—《Der Goldene Drache》

Artistic Directors: LU Po-Shen, TSAI Pao-Chang

Playwright: Roland Schimmelpfennig

Director: Tilmann Kohler

Flying Group Theatre—“For You, My Children”—A Sleep and a Forgetting Sequel《The Day when I Grow Up》

Playwright: CHOU Ron-Shih

Director/Puppet Design: SHIH Pei-Yu

Visual Director: Ghislaine Herbéra

2012 Taipei Arts Festival—《Breakfast》

Production: Shangchi Move Theatre

Choreography: SUN Shang-Chi

Playwright: Gordon Florenkowsky

Meimage Dance 《2012 New Choreographer》

CHEN Yun-Ru—《breathing》

LIN Li-Chuan—《Under Frame》

LUO Wei-Chun—《Forward》

CHANG Yi-Chun—《The Round Sky》

Artistic Director: HO Hsiao-Mei

Choreography: LIN Li-Chuan, CHEN Yun-Ru, LUO Wei-Chun, CHANG Yi-Chun

Performers: SHEN Yi-Wen, LIN Li-Chuan, LIU Yen-Chun, CHEN Yun-Ru, LUO Wei-Chun, CHANG Yi-Chun

2012 Taipei Arts Festival—《Where is Mackie?》

Performers: SUN Shih-Pei, SUN Shih-Yung

Director: LIU Shou-Yao

Playwright: LIU Chien-Kuo

2012 Taipei Arts Festival—《The Happy Solitude Show》

Director, Playwright, Audio and Visual Design: YING Wei-Min

Performers: YING Wei-Min, LEI Hsu-Kuang, Jasmine WANG, CHU An-Ru, The Clippers Band

3D image design: YING Wei-Min

Installation and Performance: Asako Otsuka

Against Again Troupe 《All That’s Left to Happen is Some Deaths》

Presenter: Against Again Troupe

Planning: HUANG Si-Nung

Director and Playwright: WANG Shih-Qi, LIN Ren-Chung, ZENG Yen-Ting, CHIANG Tao

Installation: HO Tsai-Ro

Chun-Mei Taiwanese Opera Troupe《The Prince of Night》

Playwright: HSU Fang-Zi

Director: ZENG Xian-Shou

2012 Dancing in Autumn—《Double Yellow Lines》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Choreography and Performing: HUANG Yi

Co-creator and Performing: HU Chien

Composition and Performing: SUN Shih-An (An Tôn Thất)

Lighting Technology: OU Yen-Ku

Sun-Shier Dance Theatre《The Stage》

Presenter: Sun-Shier Dance Theatre

Choreographer: WU Pi-Jung

Guest Performers: WU Yi-Fang, SU An-Li

2012 “Brave New World” Series II—《Love till the End of the World》

Presenter: Dance Forum Taipei

Artistic Director: PING Heng

Director: LIU Shou-Yao

Choreography: DONG Yi-Fen, CHENG Yi-Wen

Visual and Technology Arts: CHIANG Yuan-Hau

Music Design: LIN Gui-Ru

2012 Taipei International Choral Festival—CHIEN Nan-Chang 《The 12 Animal Signs of Chinese Zodiac》

World Premiere : CHIEN Nan-Chang 《The 12 Animal Signs of Chinese Zodiac》

Presenter: Taipei Philharmonic Foundation for Culture and Education

Conductor: CHENG Li-Pin

Soprano: CHEN Mei-Ling

Tenor: TANG Fa-Kai

Choral master: WU Shang-Lun

Performers: Taipei Philharmonic Chorus, National Chinese Orchestra

Zheng Recital by Fan & Wang

Taiwan Premiere: WANG Zhong-Shan《水墨禪韻》, 《遠去的達甫》

Premiere: 《琴曲》rearranged by FAN Wei-Zi from 《流水》

Presenter: Chin Yuan Chinese Orchestra

Performers: FAN Wei-Zi, WANG Zhong-Shan

Total Amount of the Performing Arts 3rd Quarter Nominees : 13

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11th-1st Quarter Nominees 2012

11th-1st Quarter Nominees 2012

Category: Performing Arts

1st Quarter Nominees

January 1st-March 31st, 2012

Off PW《Sleep in Spring》

Screenplay: JIEN Li-Ying

Director: HUANG Yu-Qing

2012TIFA—Mr. Wing Theatre Company 《Taipei Dad, New York Mom》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Director/Screenplay Adaptation: LI Huan-Hsiung

Original Work & Production Consultant: Mickey Chen

Script Cooperation: JIANG Fu-Chin

2012TIFA—The Puppet & Its Double Theater《La Réminiscence d'un fantôme》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Performers: The Puppets & Its Double Theater

Director: CHENG Chia-Yin

2012TIFA—Guo Guang Opera Company《Cleopatra and Her Fools》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Artistic Director: WANG An-Chi

Screenplay: CHI Wei-Jan

Director: LEE Hsiao-Pin

Leading Actress: WEI Hai-Ming

2012TIFA—Dance Forum Taipei & Cie Herve-Gil《Will There Really Be a “Morning”?》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Choreographer and Director: Myriam Herve-Gil

Performers: HSU Yen-Ling and Dance Forum Taipei

2012TIFA—NTCH & CNN de Creteil / Cie. Kafig 《YogeeTi》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Mourad Merzouki

Costume Design: Johan Ku

Dancer: Kader Belmoktar, Bruce Chiefare, CHEN Hung-Ling, Sabri Colin, Erwan Godard, HSIEH Yi-Chun, KAN Han-Hsing, KAO Hsin-Yu, Nicolas Sannier, WU Chien-Wei

Quanta Philharmonic Orchestra 《Nalakuvara》

Presenter: Quanta Arts Foundation

Artistic Director: YANG Chong-Heng

Violin: Li I-Ching

Conductor: HUANH Tong-Han

Performer: Quanta Philharmonic Orchestra

2012TIFA—《Wu Man and Aboriginal Friends》

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

Pipa: Wu Man

Soprano: Mewas Lin

Nose Flute: Sauniaw

Performer: Bunun Tradition Tribal Band

Camake and Tai Wu Elementary

School Chorus (Paiwan tribe)

2012 Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival—Tainan Jen Theatre《The Seagull》

Screenplay adaptation: HSU Cheng-Ping

Director: LU Po-Shen

《A Story of Little Pickle & Yang Nai-5》

Presenter: Yuan He Theater

Performer: LI Luo-Qing, LIN Chao-Hsu, CHOU Seng-Yi

《Inllungan na Kneril》

Presenter: UTUX Theatre

Director: Pisui Ciyo

NTSO Features-V 《Ito-dama》

Taiwan premiere: Kaoru Wada’s Tsugaru-Shamisen Concerto《Ito-dama》

Presenter and performer: NTSO

Tsugaru-Shamisen: Shinichi Kinoshita

Total Amount of the Performing Arts 1st Quarter Nominees: 12


Category: Visual Arts

1st Quarter Nominees

January 1st-March 31st, 2012

Searching for WU Yao-Chung’s paintings: Stories of a Realist Artist

WU Yao-Chung

Lightness of the Soul—Solo Exhibition by WANG Ding-Yeh

WANG Ding-Yeh

Journey through Jiangnan: A Pivotal Moment in CHEN Cheng-Po’s Artistic Quest

Curator: LIN Yu-Chun

Artist: CHEN Cheng-Po

Visual Vertigo—New Works by Six Taiwanese Media Artists

Curator: WANG Chia-Chi

Artist: KAO Chung-Li, YUAN Goang-Ming, LuxuryLogico, WU Chi-Tsung, CHEN Wan-Jen, CHANG Huei-Ming

Escape from North Korea

CHANG Chien-Chi

The Perspective of Experience—Solo Exhibition by HOU I-Ting

HOU I-Ting

Completely Sincere: Abandoned by Life

Curator: HSU Chia-Chen

Artist: HSIEH Feng-Chen, LO Wei, CHONG Ting

Tomb of Human Cloning—Solo Exhibition by LIN Jun-Liang

LIN Jun-Liang

Total Amount of the Visual Arts 1st Quarter Nominees: 8

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11th-2nd Quarter Nominees 2012

11th-2nd Quarter Nominees 2012

Category: Performing Arts

2nd Quarter Nominees

April 1st-June 30th, 2012

M.O.V.E. Theatre《Force Quit》

Director: FU Hong-Zheng

Movement Design: DONG Yi-Fen

Sound Design: Chris Cobilis, LIN Kuei-Ju

Lab of Seven Deadly Sins《Sloth》

Presenter: Ho Theatre

Screenplay: JIEN Li-Ying

Director: GAO Chun-Yao

Riverbed Theatre《Beautiful Cruelty》

Director: Craig Quintero

Composer/piano/sound design: KO Chih-Hao

EX-Theatre Asia《Monkey The Great!》

Artistic Direction/ Director/ Screenplay: Chongtham Jayanta Meetei

2012 Taiwan Women Theatre Festival III—JIEN Li-Ying《Your Change in Me》, Ladybird Theatre《Fly to the Future in a Roller Coaster》

Presenter: Playbox Ensemble Theatre

Curator: DU Si-Hui, FU Yu-Hui, LAN Bei-Zi, LIN Xin-Yi

《Your Change in Me》Screenplay and director: JIEN Li-Ying

Co-creator: HUANG Yu-Qing

Short One Player《LAB No. 1》

Presenter: Short One Player

Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group 《I am Beautiful Facetival》

Curator: WEI Ying-Chuan

Producer: HSU Ya-Ting

HORSE Dance Theatre 2012 《Relationship Between Two Men》

Co-creator: Edward LAM, CHEN Wu-Kang, SU Wei-Chia

Performer: CHEN Wu-Kang, SU Wei-Chia

Shu-yi & dancers 2012《Reenactment—In the Midst of Memories》

Choreographer: CHOU Shu-Yi

Performer: TIEN Hsiao-Tzu, TIEN Yi-Wei, JIANG Yu-Luen

Quanta Philharmonic Orchestra《Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon》

Presenter: Quanta Arts Foundation

Conductor: HUANH Tong-Han

Performer: Cello: HUANG Yin-Yuan/ Quanta Philharmonic Orchestra

2012 International Theatre Festival

1/2 Q Theatre—The Legend of Peach Blossom Fan

Director: DAI Chun-Fang

Screenplay: SHEN Hui-Ju, CHU Chih-Nung, SHIH Ju-Fang

2012 Ju Percussion Group Annual Concert

Presenter: Ju Percussion Group Foundation

【TCO】Tribute to CHOU Wen-Chung I

Conductor: CHANG Yin-Fang

Producer: Asian Young Musician’s Connection/ TCO Chamber Ensemble

【TCO】Tribute to CHOU Wen-Chung II

Conductor: CHANG Yin-Fang

Performer: Gayageum: LEE Chi-Ling/ Forum Music, TCO Chamber Ensemble

2012 International Theatre Festival

Mobius Strip Theatre《Spider in Meditation》

Director: CHANG Yi-Sheng

Screenplay: PAN Hui-Sen

The Party Theatre Group《The Libation Bearers》

Screenplay: Aeschylus

Director: CHIU An-Chen

Water Reflection Dance Ensemble 2012《NUSHU》

Presenter: Water Reflection Dance Ensemble

Choreographer: TAN Hui-Jen

Feng Multi-Art Creative Ensemble 2012 《Relation》TSMC Arts Festival Version

Presenter: Feng Multi-Art Creative Ensemble

Choreographer and Director: YEN Feng-Xi

Total Amount of the Performing Arts 2nd Quarter Nominees: 18


Category: Visual Arts

2nd Quarter Nominees

April 1st-June 30th, 2012

Le Festin De Chun-Te—HSIEH Chun-Te’s Solo Exhibition at the 54th International Art Exhibition of Venice Biennale Returns to Taiwan

Curator: LIN Chi-Ming

Strip off, Marilyn Monroe: TAN Kai-I Solo Exhibition


The Visible Story—TU Pei-Shih Solo Exhibition

TU Pei-Shih

Even They Never Met—NIU Chun-Chiang Solo Exhibition

NIU Chun-Chiang

Environmental Art Movement at Plum Tree Creek

WU Ma-Li

Future Pass

Curator: Victoria LU

Ink Killer: Art of HUNG Ken-Shen

HUNG Ken-Shen

Passing on a Lasting Legacy: Paintings by LIN Yu-Shan

Curator: XUE Yan-Ling

It Take Four Sorts—Cross-Strait Four Region Artistic Exchange Project

Curator: FENG Bo-I

LuxuryLogico “Fruition—Fulfill Arts” Exhibition


|o|v|e|r|CHIANG Chung-Lun Solo Exhibition

CHIANG Chung-Lun

Merging Past and Present: 25 Years of YUAN Jai’s Art Career


Solo Exhibition by CHANG Kuang-Bin

Curator: CHEN Yung-Hsien, WENG Su-Ying

Xindian Boys

Curator: CHANG Ching-Wen

Artist: TSONG Pu, CHEN Shun-Chu, WU Tung-Lung, SU Hui-Yu

2012 CHEN Sung-Chih Solo Exhibition

CHEN Sung-Chih

Eyes on the South: Exhibition of Contemporary Art—Hot Thought Symptoms

Curator: Kun Shan University

Artist: LI Ming-Tse, LU Yu-Jui, HO Shu-Zi, CHOU Wen-Li, TSAI Meng-Chang, WU Ma-Li, LI Jyun-Sian, etc.

Total Amount of the Visual Arts 2nd Quarter Nominees: 16

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