Taishin Arts Award 2011/10


About 2011 - The 10th Taishin Art Award

About 2011 - The 10th Taishin Art Award

The Visual Arts Award:Jao, Chia-En [ REM Sleep ]

The Performing Arts Award:National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C [ On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung ]

The Jury's Special Award:Wu, Dar-Kuen (Curator) [ Republic without People

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Optical Trick 2012: Project for the 10th Taishin Arts Award

Optical Trick 2012: Project for the 10th Taishin Arts Award

Dates: May 16–June 22, 2012

Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Location: Taishin Tower, 1st Floor, No. 118, Sec.4, Renai Road, Da'an District, Taipei

Optical Trick 2012: Project for the 10th Taishin Arts Award is a work made specifically for the 10th Taishin Arts Award. It documents 12 of the individuals and groups that comprise this year's 15 finalists. The artists Tu, Wei-Cheng has acquired a lot through brief and fascinating instances of contact with interdisciplinary groups in the visual and performing arts, and he would like to wholeheartedly thank these finalists for their support of his work. This is a particular project from him to pay tribute to these finalists and also to thank the Taishin Arts Award for their support of contemporary art in Taiwan.

Optical Trick is Tu's own visual and urban archaeology project. It scours the city for stories of the humanist spirit. It consists of three parts: Image Museum, Image Bank, and Body Measurement. Its methodology is based in visual history and urban investigation. Through his own eyes and with the participation of local residents, it blends “anecdotes of the strange” with optical gadgets, or surveys with the format of games which enlist staff and audiences, using people, collective bodies, or scenes of subatomic cities, and putting them into a kind of humanistic style of contrast and complement. This exhibition recreates the atmosphere of an image history museum, whose images can be seen through optical gadgets designed for animation, wooden projectors, and similar visual media equipment that takes the shape of antique furniture. Suddenly, the images below possess historicity as well as the textuality of images. Within these handmade optical gadgets, images of humanity are infused with a local humanist spirit. Using creative work as a method of visual anthropology, it searches the database of collected urban images and vestiges of the humanities in order to perform a humanistic massage on the city at large.

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The 10th Taishin Arts Award Announces Prize Winners on May 12th

The 10th Taishin Arts Award Announces Prize Winners on May 12th

Annual Performing Arts Award: On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung at the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C.

Annual Visual Arts Award: REM Sleep by Jao, Chia-En

Jury's Special Award: 【People’s Republic of China】— Republic without People curated by Wu, Dar-Kuen

The Taishin Arts Award, a contemporary Taiwanese art prize funded by Taishin Holdings, has entered its 10th year. This year’s prize winners were announced on May 12th at the Taishin Tower. The Annual Performing Arts Award, the Annual Visual Arts Award and Jury's Special Award were awarded to, respectively: On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung at the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C.; REM Sleep by Jao, Chia-En; 【People’s Republic of China】— Republic without People curated by Wu, Dar-Kuen.

This year's award ceremony was presided by Mr. Wu, Thomas T.L., Chairman of the Taishin Financial Holdings and also the inaugurator of the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture. In his opening remarks, Mr. Wu proclaimed: “This year marks an important moment for the Taishin Arts Award, which has now reached its 10th year. Over the past decade, the Taishin Arts Award has profoundly witnessed the vitality and potential of Taiwanese artistic ingenuity, and therein lies the values that have been established by arts prizes. Taishin Corporation has served in the background as a support system, one that maintains utmost respect for specialized processes, and at the same time, we are enormously proud of all the results.”

First, the Annual Performing Arts Award was awarded to On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung at the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C. The jury remarked: “On the Road is an excellent example of contemporary choreography, which demonstrates the choreographer's mature skill. He has developed a rich and inventive movement vocabulary, blending Eastern and Western traditions, to express his artistic vision. Its distinct phrasing encompasses individual temperament as well as characteristics from different counties, constituting a lively leap forward using the dance vocabulary of a new generation. Its choreography, performance, and design are all of the highest grade. Cheng, Tsung-Lung is a fresh and unique voice in the international dance scene.”

The Annual Visual Arts Award was then awarded to REM Sleep by Jao, Chia-En. The jury unanimously declared: “REM Sleep by Jao, Chia-En investigates the issues of livelihood faced by new migrant labor in Taiwan. He takes the poetic vocabulary of images and illustrates the heterogeneous reality of labor and rest, of the daily and the eternal, and of everyday life and livelihood. The video's depth lies in its professionalism and thoroughness, such that it employs Jao, Chia-En's artistic practice as a method to inquire into the subject of globalization.”

The Jury's Special Award was awarded to【People’s Republic of China】— Republic without People curated by Wu, Dar-Kuen. The jury noted: “Wu, Dar-Kuen's exhibition【People’s Republic of China】— Republic without People raises a new set of questions on topics from the lifting of martial law to Taiwan's issues of national identity. It is an example of the vision of a new generation of curators, as well as the potential of independent curators in Taiwan. This year's Jury's Special Award also echoes Taishin Arts Award’s long-term support of curatorial exhibitions.”

For this year's award ceremony, which took Ten Years in the Making as its central theme, Li, Huan-Hsiung, Program Director for the ceremony, invited Peking opera star Wei, Hai-Min to serve as the host. Ms. Wei delivered a vocal performance together with members of the new generation—independent musical duo Nineteen Tael, noted theatre musician Chen, Chien-Chi, singer Paige Su and actor Chen, Hsing-Ho—in a special performance that led the Taishin Arts Award across boundaries between traditional and contemporary musical genres.

The finalists exhibition for the Taishin Arts Award returned to the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei this year, which displays the creative potential of contemporary Taiwanese art. The ten finalists in the Performing Arts category, were invited the use of limited time, space, and resources to highlight and elaborate upon the aesthetic principles and creative components of their works. The five exhibitions from the Visual Arts category, comprised of artists and curators from the same group of finalists, have injected the space of the contemporary gallery with the content and aim of their original exhibitions, providing some level of enrichment and reconstruction. Its content spans the two major fields of the visual and performing arts, providing audiences with a rare kind of direct experience of art. The exhibition runs until June 17th and information on related events can be found at the official website of the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture (http://www.taishinart.org.tw/). Members of the general public are welcome and encouraged to participate and to partake in the dazzling achievements of Taiwan's artists and performance groups through the Taishin Arts Award.

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10th-4th Quarter Nominees 2011

10th-4th Quarter Nominees 2011

Category: Performing Arts


Presenter:Council for Cultural Affairs, R.O.C., Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe

Director:Lee, Hsiao-Ping

The Little Child

Presenter:Short 1 Player

Behind the House by MOVE Theatre

Director:Wang, Ching-Chun

Artistic Director:Fu, Hung-Cheng

Pirates and Formosa

Presenter:Golden Bough Theatre

Artistic Director:Wang, Jung-Yu

Monodrama Series / Only You / Intravenous Drip

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Director:Tsai, Ming-Liang

Performer:Lu, Yi-Ching

Monodrama Series / Only You / Spider Demon

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Director:Tsai, Ming-Liang

Performer:Yang, Kuei-Mei

Monodrama Series / Only You / Fish Bowl

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Director:Tsai, Ming-Liang

Performer:Lee, Kang-Sheng

Production Series by Wang, Mo-Lin 《Black Hole 3》

Presenter: Bodyohase Studio

2011 U Theatre Production—Beyond Time

Presenter:U Theatre

Artistic Director:Liu, Je-Yu

Musical Director, Composer, Choreographer:Hunag, Chih-Chun

The Way We Love

Presenter:The Black Dog Theatre

Director: Dan Chumley

Invisible Soldiers

Presenter:Representation Theatre

2011 Innovation Series《The Abandoner》

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Scenarist & Director:Yang, Ching-Hsiang

2011 Innovation Series《A Journey to Return》

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Original Script:Hao, Yu-Hsiang

Playwright & Director:Liao, Chun Kai

2011 Innovation Series《Taiwan 365 – Eternity of a Day》

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Director: Hung Hung

Playwright:Chien, Li-Ying, Chia Tzu Hsiao Ying, Hung Hung


Performers: Shu-Yi & Dancers & Ching-Ru Lin

The Joy of Drinking a Toast

Presenter:National Theater Concert Hall

Director of Music and Choreography:Liu, Feng-Hsueh

Performance:Neo Classic Dance Company

MeimageDance 2011─Beyond the Pale



Presenter:Council for Cultural Affairs, R.O.C.(Taiwan),/ W.A.V.E./ YiLab

Performer:Su, Wen-Chi, Chang, Yung-Da. 

idance Taipei International Improvisation Dance Festival 2011

Presenter:Ku & Dancers


Presenter:Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company Artistic Director and Choreographer:Lo, Wen Chin


Presenter:Tjimur Dance Theatre

Artistic Director: Liao, Yi-Hsing

Successor I by Volume-Collectif x HORSE Dance Theatre

Presenter:HORSE Dance Theatre

Successor II by Volume-Collectif x HORSE Dance Theatre

Presenter:HORSE Dance Theatre

Successor III by Volume-Collectif x HORSE Dance Theatre

Presenter:HORSE Dance Theatre

2011 Young Stars, New Vision—Dance Series: Yu, Yen-Fang 《When I am Not Around》, Lin, Yu-Ju《She Said》, Tung, I-Fen《I Didn’t Say》, Lin, Yi-Chin《Two Moons》

Presenter: National Theatre Concert Hall

Taipei Chinese Orchestra 《Hundred Birds Homage to the Phoenix》

Presenter: Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Conductor: Chien, Wen-Ping

2011 Forum Music Annual Showcase 《Circles of Music》

Presenter: Forum Music

Love on the air 2—I am the drama queen

Presenter:A Good Company / Wenshan Theatre


2011 Young Stars, New Vision—Theatre Series: Chen, Shih-Ying 《Put Down Roots at 30》, Huang, Chen-Yu 《My Dear Ting Monster》

Presenter: National Theatre Concert Hall

Directors: Chen, Shih-Ying / Huang, Chen-Yu

New Taiwanese Opera-Remembering An-Ping

Presenter:ShiuKim Taiwanese Opera Troupe

Artistic Director, Playwright, Producer:Wang, Yu-Hui


Presenter:G.M.T. Dance Company

Asian Composers League Conference and Festival: Orchestra Concert

Presenter: Asian Composers’ League, Taiwan

Co-presenter: NTCH, NSO

Conductor: Lin, Tien-Chi

Orchestra: TNUA Orchestra

Taipei Chinese Orchestra 《Bracing Rhythms, Majestic Sound》

Presenter: Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Conductor: Chung, Yau-Guang

2011 Wonderland Concert by Wu, Pei-Ching

Presenter:Ju Percussion Group Foundation

Performer: Wu, Pei-Ching

Opera:Emperor Kangxi and Louis XIV, le roi soleil

Presenter:National Palace Museum

Performer:Contemporary Legend Theater


Category: Visual Arts

Girls – Isa Ho Solo Exhibition Isa Ho

Optical Trick – Tu Wei-Cheng Solo Exhibition Tu, Wei-Cheng

Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu Solo Exhibition – I can’t tell you, but you feel it Mia Wen-Hsuan Liu

Solo Exhibition by Jao, Chia-En—REM Sleep Jao, Chia-En

Becoming Cyborg Curator:Hsieh, Hui-Ching/Artists:Chen, Wen-Chi、Huang, Shih-Chieh、Huang, Tsan-Lun、Shih, Yi-Shan、Yamaguchi Noriko、Yeh, Ting-Hao

Fairest Fairies Fair, Phû-lōng-kòng Blossom—Solo Exhibition by Ingenious Craftsman Jun-Yang Li, Jun-Yang

Crescendo Prelude Tseng, Yu-Ching

Portrait of a Factory—Solo Exhibition by Chen I-Chun Chen, I-Chun

Next Body Curator: Chen, Kuan-Chun、Lin, Pei-Chun、Lo,-Li-Chen、Chiu, Chih-Yung、Tseng, Yu-Chuan、Chen, Ming-Hui

Solo Exhibition by Chen Wan-Jen—To Hell with Your Future Chen, Wan-Jen

Tracing Nostalgia – Solo Exhibition by Lin Chuan-Chu Lin, Chuan-Chu

Mirage—Disused Public Property in Taiwan Yao, Jui-Chung + Lost Social Documentary (LSD)

The Remnant Vision—Solo Exhibition by Chen Shun-Chu Chen, Shun-Chu

A perfect Suspects Hsu, Che-Yu

Living in an Out-of-Place Yeh, Chia-Jung

Civilized Landscape—The Marker / Solo Exhibition by Chung Shun-Lung Chung, Shun-Lung

Shian・Tainan・PALAFAN─Solo Exhibition by Li Chun Shien Li, Chun Shien

Knotting: Swarm in the Era of Digital Media Wang, Po-Wei

Vision of Taiwan – Solo Exhibition by Wu Cheng-Chang Wu, Cheng-Chang

Meditation—2011 Asian Art Biennial National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Nostalgia in the Vast Universe: Commemorative Exhibition of Chen Cheng-Po Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Taipei Extra-Ordinary Curator:Su, Yao-Hua, Chiu, Wen-Chien, Pan, Yi-Ju, Hsu, Tsang-Chieh

Solo Exhibition by Wang Te-Yu: 「No.70」Wang, Te-Yu

The Theater in the Boiler Room by Tsai Ming-Liang Tsai, Ming-Liang

Solo Exhibition by Tang, Huang-Chen—Back to the Cave Tang, Huang-Chen

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10th-3rd Quarter Nominees 2011

10th-3rd Quarter Nominees 2011

Category: Performing Arts

2011 Taipei Arts Festival《Who's Hung Tung》

Artistic Director / Director: Cheng, Chia-Yin  

Space Designer / Artistic Director: Tseng, Wen-Tung


2011Taipei Fringe Festival《Mauvais Chausson》

Hsieh Tung-Ning and Dancers

2011 Taipei Fringe Festival 《Yubon High School》

Performer: Yubon Theatre

Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre 2011 Annual Showcase 《WOYZECK》

Director: Franck Dimech

Great Jet Lag of a fictional flight through our happy days

Director / Playwright: Li, Huan-Hsiung   

Original Script: Yeh, Chih-Chung、Li, Huan-Hsiung 

Performer: Mr. Wing Theatre Company

Mobius Strip Theatre《Ten Bulls Hering Pictures》

Director: Chang, Yi-Shan

2011 Next Choreography Project I 《The Next Landscape》

Presenter: Shu-Yi & Dancers

On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung

Presenter: National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C

Choreographer: Cheng, Tsung-Lung

2011 Taipei Arts Festival—Eastern Tale

Artistic Director: Ping, Heng

Composer: Tseng, Yu-Chung

Choreographer: Yang, Ming-Lung

Performer: Dance Forum Taipei


Presenter: Chao Found Music Workshop

Taipei Blooming Theater's Debut Production 《Take Care》

Director: Hsu, Yen-Ling

Shandongye Workshop 2011 Annual Showcase《Slim》

Presenter: Shandongye Workshop

EX-Theatre Asia 2011 Annual Showcase《When We Dead Awaken》

Original Script: Henrik Ibsen

Artistic Director/Director/Adaption: Jayanta

2011 Shinehouse Theatre Festival 《A Midsummer Night's Chat》

Director: Chong, Po-Yuan

Presenter: Shinehouse Theatre

The Sound of Light

Artistic Director: Liu, Je-Yu

Musical Director: Hunag, Chih-Chun

Bamboo Artist: Hsu, Min-Sheng

Just For You Theatre Festival

Curator: Craig Quintero

Director: Craig Quintero、Hung Hung、He, Tsai-Rou、Lai, Chih-Cheng

Presenter: Riverbed Theatre

Suite: 2011 That Time of the Pond

Presenter: Taipei Dance Circle

【2011 ArtCross─DansCross】

Presenter: Taipei National University of the Arts

2011 Taipei Capital Ballet Annual Showcase《Scenery in Four Colors》

Choreographer: Wang, Mei-Hua/ Cheng, Li-Li/ Shih, Kuen-Cheng/ Hsu, Chin-Feng

《Modern‧Innovation‧Arts》—2011 Forum Music Series

Presenter: Forum Music

Category: Visual Arts

Liu, Shih-Fen Solo Exhibition—Maxicard Project A – Ode to the Republic of China Liu, Shih-Fen

Yu-Cheng CHOU Solo Exhibition – Rainbow Paint  Chou, Yu-Cheng

No. 147, Ching-Shui Li – A Solo Exhibition by Huang, Po-Chih Huang, Po-Chih

Lightyears – Kuo I-Chen Solo Exhibition Kuo, I-Chen 

Before Memory – A Solo Exhibition by Yuan Goang-Ming Yuan, Goang-Ming

The Burglar of Visual Signals: An Adventure Beyond Boundaries – Chang Teng-Yuan Solo Exhibition Curated by Chen, Yi-Chun , Artist : Chang, Teng-Yuan

Read: Tainan – A solo Exhibition by Guo, Fan-Chun Guo, Fan-Chun

From the very beginning Yen, Ting-Sheng

Formosa Wall Paint Group, “2011 Off-Site Painting Project” Bywood Gallery

Mayin-tchenouramme Chen, Kai-Huang

Time Packet – A Solo Exhibition by Ku, Shih-Yung Ku, Shih-Yung

The Geometry of Passion – A Solo Exhibition by Chen, Hui-Chiao Chen, Hui-Chiao

Flies 8: The ten thousand begins Wu, Chi-Yu

Petject Curator:Su, Yu-Hsien

Mosquito Nail Shan Shui – The Artwork of Chen Chun-Hao Chen, Chun-Hao

「Plum Tree Creek,」–Art as Environment – A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek Wu, Ma-Li

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10th-2nd Quarter Nominees 2011

10th-2nd Quarter Nominees 2011

Category: Performing Arts


Off Performance Workshop

Director: Chieng-Chang Lee

Actor: Chi-Wei Wang

《Radiant representation of the Ancient myth》

Milin’gan Musical Theater


Tainaner Ensemble and Studio

Scrip/ Director: Bo-Chang Tsai

《A hundred years theater》

GuoGuang Opera Company

Scrip: An-Chi Wang, She-Ching Chao, and Huei-Ling Chou

Director: Hsiao-Ping Lee

《Fight me now》&《1:0》

M.O.V.E Theater

Director: Hong-Zheng Fu

《108HEROS-Tales from Water Margin》

Contemporary Legend Theater

Producer/Choreography: Shio-Wei Ling

Artistic Director and Director: Hsin-Kuo Wu

The 16th Crown Art Festival 《Cheat to Cheat》

Fantasy Theatre

Director: Chun-Kai Liao

Actress: Yi-Ching Lu

Horse Present 《Faceless》

Choreography/ Dancer: Shu-Yi Chou

《Small Nanguan》


Choreography: Wen-Chung Lin

The 16th Crown Art Festival 《Perfect Circle》

Choreography: Yi-Feng Tung and Yi-Wen Cheng

《Drawer》 by Tsui-shuang Lai

Choreography: Tsui-shuang Lai

The Sound of Formosa-Hwang-long PAN

National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra

A New World for 88 Keys and Chinese Orchestra

Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Conductor:En Shao

Piano: Pi Shien Chen, Chengzong Yin, and Milhail Rudy

Baochun Li Plays Peking Opera Classics

Taipei Li-yuan Chinese Opera Theatre

The 16th Crown Art Festival《Part 1:Marie Educates His Son at Virgin Flower Falling》

Theatre Company of Leequinzhao the private, Taipei

2011 Premier Works by ISCM-Taiwan Composers

International Society for Contemporary Music- Taiwan Section


Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Culture Group- Tien Group

《Blusey Lee – welocme to the 70's》

Shakespeare's Wild Sister Group

Director: Wang, Jia-Ming

《The Mark Behind the Ear》

Short one Player

Director: Chun-Chang Wei and Shang-Yu Ho

《Mom, Bye》

Taiwan Waterfield Studio and Korea Shiim

A Pirated History of Modern Theatre: 《Beauty 2011》, 《 La Cantatrice chauve dans le temp de Taipeh》,and 《The 5 Methods of offending the audience》

Dark Eyes Lab. 

Director: Hung Hung                                      

Producer: Yeh Suling

《Love Song:Rhyme For You》

Director: Ching Hsiang Yang

Playwright: Birdy Fong

Hotheatre: "The Not Coming Time that Already Passed"-《Incubation》& 《The Death Man》《Incubation》

Director:  Lo, Yuan-Te

Playwright:  Lo, Yuan-Te

《The Death Man》

Director: Koh Choon Eiow 

Playwright: Koh Choon Eiow & Chua Seng Shen

Category: Visual Arts

What?! -A Solo Exhibition by Hsiao Chu-Fang  Hsiao Chu-Fang

You are my exception A Solo Exhibition by Chen Wan-Ren  Chen Wan-Ren

After N years Lin Guan Ming

Jawshing Arthur Liou Blood Work—Improbable Wave Jawshing Arthur Liou

Complexing Hou I-Ting

Monologue of the brave, Wang Ting-Yu Solo Exhibition Wang Ting-Yu

Republic without People  Curator: Wu Dar-Kuen

New Directions: Trans-Plex Weaving Platform

Project Rrose: Love & Death  Wang Jun-Jieh

FLU-FATIGUE curator: Wang Jun-Jieh

Overl(e)ap--Wen-Ying Huang Solo Exhibition Huang Wen-Ying

Don't Brush off What You See Esther Lu

A day and a new day: A solo Exhibition of Wang Ya-Hui  Wang Ya-Hui

Thaïndophiliviet Jao Chia-En

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10th-1st Quarter Nominees 2011

10th-1st Quarter Nominees 2011

Category: Performing Arts

《The Musical Mulan》

Tainaner Ensemble and Studio M

Scrip: Bo-Chang Tsai

Director: Bo-Chen Lu

Composer: Shi-Wen Wang

2011TIFA-《La dame aux Camelias》

National Theater and Concert Hall

Director: Tadashi Suzuki

Composer: Koji Sakurai

《La Naissance》

Flying Group

Director/ Puppet Design: Pei-Yu Shih

Scrip: Ron-Shih Chou

《Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie》

Godot Theater Company

《Spring Riot》

Cloud Gate two

Choreography: Reyang Bula, Tsung-Long Cheng, Shang-Chi Sun, and Yi Huang


National Theater and Concert Hall

Forum Music ensemble and PCL

2011TIFA-《NSO Opera Concert – Elektra》

Conductor: Shao-Chia Lü

National Symphony Orchestra

《Piano Music from FORMUSICA》

Taiwan ShuanYinYaChi

A Confluence of Cultures: 《Echoes from the Pacific Rim》

Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra

Category: Visual Arts

Heart And Hand: The Paintings Of Shi Song SHI SONG

Illegal architecture ─ Architecture of Wang Shu X Hsieh Ying-Chun Wang Shu X Hsieh Ying-Chun, Curator: Roan Ching-Yueh

Lu Ming-Te solo exhibition Lu Ming-Te

生命記憶的碎形圖  靜靜等待-峨冷.魯魯安(安聖惠)個展

Transpose Hung Yi-Chen’s solo exhibition Hung Yi-Chen

Taiwan Digital Art Pulse Stream Plan: The First Phase 《Body, Gender, Technology》Digital Art Exhibition Curatorial Team: LIN Pey Chwen, LIAO Hsin-Tien, Ming TURNER, CHIU Chih-Yung, LOH Li-Chen, TSENG Yu-Chuan

Artists:YU Chung- I, SHEN Sheng-Po, LIN Pey Chwen, KUO Hui-Chan, CHEN Wei-Ting, HUANG Po-Chih, HUANG Chien-Hua, HUANG Yi-Ching, CHAN

Floating/adj Shu Zhe-Yu’s Solo exhibition Shu Zhe-Yu

Vision of Taiwan WU Zheng Zhang

As covering Ya-Chu Kang’s Solo exhibition Kang Ya-Chu


《活彈藥》Live Ammo

Fujui Wang : Hollow Noise Fujui Wang

The More The Merrier organizers Hong-Kai Wang, Jens Maier-Rothe

Dot‧Dot‧Dot-LuxuryLogico’s Solo Exhibition LuxuryLogico

JIA-HSIN Wu, Chang-Jung solo exhibition Wu, Chang-Jung

Hai-Hsin Solo Exhibition - A Wordless Ending Huang Hai-Hsin

Outlook Chen Po-I’s Solo exhibition Chen Po-I



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