Taishin Arts Award 2009/10


About 2009-The 8th Taishin Arts Award

Taishin Arts Awards: The Best Visual and Performing Arts in Taiwan 2009

About 2009-The 8th Taishin Arts Award

The 8th Taishin Arts Awards will be awarded on May 1st, 2010 by a jury including Jiunshyan LEE of Kao Yuan University of Technology Arts Center, Ava HSUEH

of Tainan National University of the Arts, Akira TATEHATA of National Museum of Art, Osaka, Grazia QUARONI of Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Wei-Zi FAN of Chinese Culture University, Huei-Ling JI art critic, Mathias Woo Yan-wai  of Zuni Icosahedron, Hong Kong, Greg RANDALL of Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne, and John ASHFORD of Aerowaves-dance across Europe, UK.

The prestigious annual prize recognizes the best of Taiwanese visual art and performing art. Besides the Performing Arts Award and the Visual Arts Award, each worth NT $1 million, there is the Jury's Special Award for NT $300,000.

The 5 finalists for the Visual Arts Award are Li-Ren CHANG "Irdina-A Solo Exhibition," Ming-Tse LEE "I Love Taiwan and Love Southern Taiwan Even More," Ching-Yuan CHEN "The LiQUiD STATE," Po-Chih HUANG "Soft Revolt," and Su-Chen HSU and Chien-Ming LU "Plant-Matter NeoEden: Born in a Vegetable Patch & Material World in the Amis Tribe of Riverbank."

The 10 finalists for the Performing Arts Award are the Möbius Strip Theatre "2012," Wen-Chi SU "Heroïne," Ju Percussion Group Foundation "WU Shih-San Percussion Recital—NÉOPERCUSME," Taipei Chinese Orchestra "Christian Lindberg and TCO" and "Claude Delangle," Formosa-Zephyr Opera Troupe "Taiwanese Opera Thriller-Murder in the Blizzard Night Inn," Puppet & Its Double Theater "Der Schönste Moment," All Music Theatre "6 plus 11-The Duo Matchless," Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group "Once, upon Hearing the Skin Tone" and National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center "Song of Pensive Beholding."

The Taishin Arts Award exhibition opens on April 24 at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and will feature the work of all the finalists who were shortlisted by a local jury. The catalogue will be available then.

The Taishin Art Foundation nurtures the arts by working within the art community to help bring greater understanding of visual and performing arts throughout Taiwan.

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Nominees for the 4th Quarter

October 1st ~ December 31, 2009

Nominees for the 4th Quarter

Category: Performing Arts           

《Flashing Lucidity》/Dance Forum

《Growing Up》/HORSE

2009 Flagship Production《Song of Pensive Beholding / Chants de la destinée 》/Legend Lin Dance Theatre

《Legitimate Crimes》/Ping Fong  Acting Troupe

《Derrick Wei × Der Schönste Moment》/The Puppet & Its Double Theater

《Five Clowns and A Chair 》/Theatre De La Sardine

2009 National Theatre Young Stars New Vision《Clear Life》/Vera CHEN, Director & Performer

The 14th Crown Art Festival《The Two of Us》/Comedians Workshop II

Op. 19《Touch Me, If You Can》/Creative Society Theatre Company

《Beauty & Beast》/Tainaner Ensemble

《Rainbow Skirt and Feathered Coat 》New Version of Nanquan Kunqu/Xin Xin Nanquan Ensemble

Jade Y.Chen Taiwanese Literary Award Theatre 《Mazu's Bodyguards》/CKS Cultural Center, Organizer; Jade Y. Chen, Director

2009 New Idea Series 《The Archetype of Ant Hole 》/Mobius Strit Theatre

《Fight Me Now!》/M. O. V. E Theatre Group

2009 Life of Love/Tainaner Ensemble

The 14th Crown Art Festival《The Island》EX-Theare Asia/Dance Forum, Organizer; Fa and Ming-shuai SHIH, Performers

《Bond》 (a Bangzi opera adaptation of The Merchant of Venice )/Taiwan Bangzi Company

2009 New Idea Series 《Dreams of Manuscript 》/CKS Cultural Center, Organizer;  Katherine H. CHOU, Playwright; Yi-Hsiu LEE, Director

New Idea Series 《The Dream Digger》/1/2Q Theatre

2009 Shih-San WU's Recital 《NÉOPERCUSME》/Shih-San WU

《Christian Lindberg & TCO》 /En SHAO, Conductor; Christian Linberg, Trombonist; National Chinese Orchestra

《The Virtuous Mother of General Tao Kan》/CKS Cultural Center, Organizer; Chiung-chih LIAO,  Mei Yun TANG,  Xiao Mi and Hui-jun SHIH, Performers

《Saxophonist Claude Delangle & TCO》/Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Self Recommended Entries Which Pass the Preliminary Review

《Entrance》/Diabolo Dance Theatre

《Step In‧Happening 2009— Site-specific Creative Dance Performance》/Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company

Category: Visual Arts

《Animamix Biennial ─ Visual Attract & Attack》/Victoria Lu & Maple LIN  (Curator)

《Viewpoints & Viewing points —2009  Asian Art Biennial》/Chao-yi TSAI (Curator)

 《$1.99 lb. Tang Tang-Fa Solo Exhibition》/Tang-Fa TANG

《The LiQUiD STATE - Jing-yuan CHEN's Solo Exhibition》/Jing-yuan CHEN

《2009 Hweilan International Artists Workshop Exhibition》/Sheau-shei PAN & Li-ch WANG

《Material World in the Amis Tribe of Riverbank》 /Chien-ming LU & Su-chen HSU

《Yi-Chen HUNG's Solo Exhibition-Transcript》/

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Nominees for 3rd Quarter

July 1st ~ September 30th, 2009

Nominees for 3rd Quarter

Category: Performing Arts

《What a TONE!》/  Taipei Chinese Orchestra & CloudGate 2 

《Heroine》/ Wen-Chi SU

《Electron》/  8213 Physical  Dance Theater

《Happiness Part III — Forget Me Not》/  Golden Bough Theatre

《Another Assignment》/  Assigntheatre Theatre

《The Journey: Jennifer Ya-Ting Wang's Percussion Theatre》/  Ya-ting WANG

Category: Visual Arts

《Distance in Memory ─ Chen Shun-Chu New Works Exhibition》 / Shun-chu CHEN

《The Simple Arts of Parody》 / Yung-fen HU (Curator)

《2009 Exhibition of Abugy – Floating Zero》 / Abugy

《Tzong-yo TSAI's Solo Exhibition》 / Tzong-yo TSAI

《Chien-chang CHENG's Solo Exhibition》 / Chien-chang CHENG

《World Mystery》 / Ting-yu WANG

《Self Modification》 / Jo-hung TANG

《Look Toward The Other Side – Song of Asian Foreign Brides in Taiwan III》 / Lulu Shur-tzy HOU

《Looking Up! Looking Down! 》 / Tzu-chieh CHIEN (Curator)

《2009 Keywords: Everydayness, Sculpture, Non-Place》 / Juming Museum & Tzu-chieh CHIEN (Curator)

《Buh-Ching HWANG's Solo Exhibition》 / Buh-ching HWANG

《SOFT Revolt》 / VT Artsalon

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Nominees for 2nd Quarter

April 1st ~ June 30, 2009

Nominees for 2nd Quarter

Category: Performing Arts

《The Journey of the Monkey King》  / Chai Found Music Workshop

《Once, Upon Hearing the Skin Tone》 / Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

《The New He-Zhu's New Match》 / National CKS Cultural Center, Langling 30 Organizing Committee

《He Is My Wife, He Is My Mother》 / Creative Society

《2012》 / Mobius Strip Theatre

《Spring Riot》 / CloudGate2

《Design for Living》 / Director: Edward Lam, Script writer: Sylvia Chang

《Loop Me》 / Curator: Tony Chun-hui WU, Dancer: Wen-chi SU

《Beatbox》 / Ju Percussion Group

《Farewell My Concubine》 / National Chinese Orchestra

《Choirs for Tomorrow》/ Script write: Hui-min TUAN, Director: Hui-min TUAN and Hsin-i LIN

《The Glamorous Match》 / Pei-Ching Wu and Jenny Lin


Category: Visual Arts

Place / Arial KUO

I Love Taiwan and Love Southern Taiwan Even More / Ming-tse LEE

I Am The Sun / Ming-hong LIN

I Am Pluto, Yo! / Yu-hsien SU

Plant-Matter NeoEden: Born in a Garden / Su-chen HSU and Chien-ming LU

The Echo On The Edge /Tzu-yun WANG

Image/playing / I-ting HOU

Memories of Mickey / Chien-yi CHEN

Scene of Light / Kai-yu CHUANG

2009 Happy Bubble Life / Pei-shih TU

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The 8th Taishin Arts Award

Nominees for 1st Quarter January 1st ~ March 31st, 2009

The 8th Taishin Arts Award

Category: Visual Arts

Mind As Passion: A Video Art Exhibition Featuring 17 New-Generation Artists from Taiwan and Japan / Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Su-Wen HSIAO (Curator)

Fever Dark -- Yu-chin TSENG's Solo Exhibition / Yu-Chin TSENG

Neo Kaohsiung Wave – Post Industrial / Shui-Tsai CHEN (Curator)

Neo Kaohsiung Wave – Liberty-Technique / Shih-Chen CHAO (Curator)

Chun-Ming HOU's Solo Exhibition / Chun-Ming HOU

Squid V -- The King of Seafood Will Be Back Fighting / Cheng-Che SHIH, Chi-Yu WU, Cheng-Liang LI, Chih-Ying PENG, Liang-Hsuan CHEN, Shang-Wei HUANG, Hsiao-Shu CHANG, Ching-Yuan CHEN, Chien-Yi CHU

An Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy by Grace Y. T. TONG / Grace Y. T. TONG

Irdina─Li-ren CHANG's Solo Exhibition / Li-Ren CHANG

Category: Performing Arts

《Murder in a Snowbound Inn》/  Formosa-Zephyr Opera Troupe

《Orlando》/ National CKS Cultural Center (Organizer), Guo-Guang Opera Company (Co-Producer), Hai-ming WEI (Performer)

《Shakespeare Unplugged IV— The Two Gentlemen of Verona》/ Tainan Jen Theatre

《Farewell My Girl》/  Creative Society Theatre Company

《Les Noces》/  Century Contemporary Dance Company

TCO New Energy Series IV《Taipei Science Fiction》/ Taipei Chinese Orchestra

NSO Forever Tales《The Mice War》/  National Symphony Orchestra

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