Taishin Arts Award 2004/05


About 2004- 3rd Annual Taishin Arts Awards

About 2004- 3rd Annual Taishin Arts Awards

Taishin Arts Awards, through its million-dollar grand prize, provided recognitions for outstanding artistic performances. More importantly, the involvement of art experts helps create a driving force that invigorates Taiwan’s indigenous arts.

Winners for the Third Annual Taishin Arts Award were announced:

The Visual Arts Award:Shy Gong [ Pilgrimage in Labyrinth-Solo Exhibition by Shy Gong ]

The Performing Award:Creative Society [ Who-Ga-Sha-Ga ]

The Jury's Special Award:Ming Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company [ The Legend of the White Snake ] 、TAINAN21"Century Urban Development Association [ Beautiful New Horizon—Arts Involved Planning Hai-An Road ]

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