Taishin Arts Award 2011/10

Final Selection Jury

The “Taishin Arts Award Final Selection Committee” is formed by esteemed professionals invited from the international art community to serve as the jurors. The final selection committee is divided into the “Visual Arts” and the “Performing Arts” groups, who are to select the laurates of the “Performing Arts Award” and the “Visual Arts Award” from the finalists that are named “Best Annual Art Exhibitions or Performances.” Afterwards, the two jury groups then select together from the rest of the finalists (including both those from the “Performing Arts” and the “Visual Arts” categories) the laureate of the “Jury’s Special Award.” 

Visual Arts Award
Chiang, Po-Shin

Assistant Professor at the Graduate Institut

Zsolt Petrányi

Head of Contemporary Arts Collection, Hungari

Lai, Hsiang-Ling

Executive Director of the Board, Rockbund A

Ulrike Groos

Director, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Performing Arts Award
Lin, Ya-Tin

Assistant Professor, Department of Dance at Ta

Chang, Chi-Feng

Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre A

Martin Wechsler

Director of Programming, Joyce Theater

Yoko Shioya

Artistic Director, Japan Society

Jade Y. Chen

European correspondent for Taiwan’s United Dail