Taishin Arts Award 2010/11

Semi Selection Jury

To organize the Taishin Arts Award this year, the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture invites scholars and experts in Taiwan, who have been closely following the development of the Taiwanese art scene to form the “Taishin Arts Award Observation Committee” to observe the exhibitions and performances throughout the year and provide art reviews. The observation committee is divided into the “Visual Arts” and the “Performing Arts” groups, and will make seasonal supplementary nominations to the nomination list produced by the nomination committee. By the end of the year, the observation committee will select the “Visual Arts” and the “Performing Arts” finalists for the final selection. 

One of the objectives of the Taishin Arts Award is to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary exchange and interaction within the arts and cultural circles. The observation committee will proactively visit and view art exhibitions and performances of different fields to better understand the current developments of the Taiwanese art scene.

Visual Arts Award
Tai-song CHEN

Lecturer, Grad school of Art & Technology, Tai

Jiun-Shyan LEE

Artist, Associate Professor of Department of


Associate Professor, Tainan National Univers

Hung-Hsing CHEN

Art critic

Ya-Chun CHIN

Performing Arts Award
Yi-Wei Keng

Artistic Director, Taipei Arts Festival 2012

Yu Ling CHAO

Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Pe

Shu-Mei WEI

Assistant professor, Ching Yun University, Depar

Yu-Hui FU

Adjunct lecturer, National Taiwan University & N

Wei-Zi FAN

Professor & Chair, Chinese Music Department of


Adjunct lecturer, Taipei National University of

Chien-Chang YANG

Assistant professor, Graduate Institute of

Ruei Rung LIANG

Adjunct lecture, Department of Dance, Tain

Chi-Feng CHANG

Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre Ar

Fang Yi LIN

Taiwan Music Center

Tsai-Yun LIN

Journalist, China Times