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Nominees for 3rd Quarter
July 1st ~ September 30th, 2009

Category: Performing Arts
《What a TONE!》/  Taipei Chinese Orchestra & CloudGate 2 
《Heroine》/ Wen-Chi SU
《Electron》/  8213 Physical  Dance Theater
《Happiness Part III — Forget Me Not》/  Golden Bough Theatre
《Another Assignment》/  Assigntheatre Theatre
《The Journey: Jennifer Ya-Ting Wang's Percussion Theatre》/  Ya-ting WANG

Category: Visual Arts
《Distance in Memory ─ Chen Shun-Chu New Works Exhibition》 / Shun-chu CHEN
《The Simple Arts of Parody》 / Yung-fen HU (Curator)
《2009 Exhibition of Abugy – Floating Zero》 / Abugy
《Tzong-yo TSAI's Solo Exhibition》 / Tzong-yo TSAI
《Chien-chang CHENG's Solo Exhibition》 / Chien-chang CHENG
《World Mystery》 / Ting-yu WANG
《Self Modification》 / Jo-hung TANG
《Look Toward The Other Side – Song of Asian Foreign Brides in Taiwan III》 / Lulu Shur-tzy HOU
《Looking Up! Looking Down! 》 / Tzu-chieh CHIEN (Curator)
《2009 Keywords: Everydayness, Sculpture, Non-Place》 / Juming Museum & Tzu-chieh CHIEN (Curator)
《Buh-Ching HWANG's Solo Exhibition》 / Buh-ching HWANG
《SOFT Revolt》 / VT Artsalon

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