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Nominees for 2nd Quarter

April 1st ~ June 30, 2009


Category: Performing Arts

The Journey of the Monkey King  / Chai Found Music Workshop

Once, Upon Hearing the Skin Tone / Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

The New He-Zhu's New Match / National CKS Cultural Center, Langling 30 Organizing Committee

He Is My Wife, He Is My Mother / Creative Society

2012 / Mobius Strip Theatre

Spring Riot / CloudGate2

Design for Living / Director: Edward Lam, Script writer: Sylvia Chang

Loop Me / Curator: Tony Chun-hui WU, Dancer: Wen-chi SU

Beatbox / Ju Percussion Group

Farewell My Concubine / National Chinese Orchestra

Choirs for Tomorrow/ Script write: Hui-min TUAN, Director: Hui-min TUAN and Hsin-i LIN

The Glamorous Match / Pei-Ching Wu and Jenny Lin


Category: Visual Arts

Place / Arial KUO

I Love Taiwan and Love Southern Taiwan Even More / Ming-tse LEE

I Am The Sun / Ming-hong LIN

I Am Pluto, Yo! / Yu-hsien SU

Plant-Matter NeoEden: Born in a Garden / Su-chen HSU and Chien-ming LU

The Echo On The Edge /Tzu-yun WANG

Image/playing / I-ting HOU

Memories of Mickey / Chien-yi CHEN

Scene of Light / Kai-yu CHUANG

2009 Happy Bubble Life / Pei-shih TU

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