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The prestigious annual prize recognizes the best of Taiwanese visual art and performing art. Besides the Performing Arts Award and the Visual Arts Award, each worth NT $1 million, there is the Jury's Special Award for NT $300,000. The Taishin Arts Awards ceremony will take place on May 2nd, 2009 at Taishin Tower.

The 5 finalists for the Visual Arts Award are:
 "Project David III: David's Paradise-A solo exhibtion by Jun-Jian Wang" Jun-Jien WANG; "Superb Superficialness" Yu-Cheng CHOU; "Flashover-A solo-show by Pan ta-chien" Ta-Chien PAN; "Shock Shot" Tien-Chang WU and "Art Installation in Tree Valley Park's Public Space" Taiwan Field Factory.

The 10 finalists for the Performing Arts Award are:
"Chiung-Chih Liao, the Legendary Diva of the Taiwanese Opera and National Chinese Orchestra" National Chinese Orchestra; "Ju Percussion Group Winter Concert 2008-Percussion Happens Daily"  Ju Percussion Group; "The Sky Crisis" the Party Group; "Hsu Yen-Ling x Sylvia Plath"  Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group; "Listen to Me, Please" Shakespear's Wild Sisters Group; "Fable to be, or not to be" M.O.V.E. Theatre; "The Village" Performance Workshop; "Double C "Reflex"" Chun-Hsien WU; "Visible City, People Filled with Air" Shu-Yi CHOU,and "Surround" Capital Ballet Taipei.

The Taishin Arts Awards exhibition opens on April 25 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei and will feature the work of all the finalists who were shortlisted by a local jury. The Taishin Art Foundation nurtures the arts and works within the art community to bring greater understanding of the arts to the public. 

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