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The 7th Taishin Arts Awards - Nominees in the First Quarter

Category: Visual Art    Jan. 01 - Mar. 31, 2008

Dance of Dotted Lines - Hai-ru Tsai's Solo Exhibition by/ TSAI, Hai-Ru

Flashover - A Solo Exhibition by Ta-Chien Pan / PAN, Ta-Chien

COLD Q2 / SU, Yu-Hsien (Curator)

Have You Eaten Yet2007 Asian Art Biennial / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


Category: Performing Art    Jan. 01 - Mar. 31, 2008

<RZ> Roberto Zucoo / Creative Society Roberto Zucco, Director: WANG, Chia-Ming

<37 Arts> / LAFA Dance Theatre

2008 Spring Riot <Song of the Birds> / Cloud Gate 2

Music Theatre <The Lost Kingdom> / Academy of Taiwan Strings

<The Straw-man and Little Sparrow> / Artistic Director & Producer: HUANG, Chun-Ming

<Copenhagen> / M.O.V.E. Theatre group

<Percussion and Friends> / Ju Percussion Group


The 7th Taishin Arts Awards - Nominees in the Second Quarter

Category: Visual Art    Apr. 01 - Jun. 30, 2008

Landslides / CHANG, Li-Yeh

Beyond 20 Degree Celsius - Exhibition of "Room-temperature Luminescence" form Taiwanese Contemporary Imaging Art / SHIH, Shu-Ping (Curator)

A Kaleidoscopic View : Reinterpretations of Taiwanese Folk Images and Designs / HUANG, Wen-Yung (Curator)

The Shin Leh Yuan Art Space 10th Anniversary Exhibition - Eternal Advantureland / HUANG, Hai-Ming (Curator)

Lacking Sound Festival 2008 / Sheng Ti Kong Jian

Good Gangsters / LU, Esther (Curator)

Taiwan and Okinawa international art festival /  HUANG, Lan-Ya, CHIU, Kuo-Chun,  CHEN, Yi-Chang, HUANG, Chien-Hua and company


Category: Performing Art    Apr. 01 - Jun. 30, 2008

<Hsu Yen-Ling ×Sylvia Plath> / Shakespeares Wild Sisters Group

<The Classic of Mountains and Seas> / Golden Bough Theatre

Dancing in Spring 2008  <Christian Rizzo  & Dance Forum> / Dance Forum

<Scener ur ett aktenskap> / Off Performance Workshop

<I Hope This Letter Brings You Happiness> / Off Performance Workshop

<Cheng Cheng-Kung with Full Force> / HoLo Taiwanese Opera Troupe

Dancing in Spring 2008 <Reflex> / Double C

Dancing in Spring 2008 <1957A.D.> / Neo-Classic Dance Company

<Visible City> / CHOU, Shu-Yi (Choreographer)


The 7th Taishin Arts Awards - Nominees in the Third Quarter

Category: Visual Art    Jul. 01 - Sept. 30, 2008

Two-Person Exhibition by Michael Lin & Heidi Voet / Michael Lin and Heidi Voet

David Project <David's Paradise> / WANG, Jun-Jieh's Solo Exhibition

The Art of Mortal Apparatus / HUANG, Hsin-Chien's Solo Exhibition

Superb Superficialness / CHOU, Yu-Cheng's Solo Exhibition

Pen Walking / SHI, Jin-Hua

You to Be / CHEN, Song-Jei's Solo Exhibition

The Double Flame / CHEN, Hui-Chiao's Solo Exhibition

HUNG, Su-Chen's Solo Exhibition / HUNG, Su-Chen

2008 Taipei Digital Art Festival <TRANS> / Etat Lab

Shadowless / LIN, Guan-Ming Solo Exhibition

 Found Me / LIN, Ping


Category: Performing Art    Jul. 01 - Sept. 30, 2008

La Boîte / Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company

<Othello>  / Godot Theatre Company

An Obituary Written by Everybody/ Short One Player

2008 Taipei Fringe Festival <Anger> / Producer and Actor: KAO, Chun-Yao and CHENG, Yin-Chen

<The Sky Crisis> / The Party Theater Group

<Tribute to Nan-Chang Chien> / Taipei Philharmonic Chorus

<Dimmer> / CHEN, Wu-Kang and YEH, Ming-Hwa (Choreographer)



The 7th Taishin Arts Awards - Nominees in the Fourth Quarter

Category: Visual Art    Oct. 01 - Dec. 31, 2008

Home: Taiwan Biennial 2008  /WANG, Chia-Chi Jason (Curator)

Winter feather. Spring Snow / YU, Wen-Fu

Taipei Biennial / HSU, Manray and Vasif Kortun (Curator)

CtrlZ / Jian, Tzu-Chieh (Curator)

Solo Exhibition by Peng Hsien-Hsiang / PENG, Hsien-Hsiang

Wu Tien-chang's Solo Exhibition / WU, Tien-Chang

CityTheater - Solo Exhibition by Lu Hsien-Ming  / LU, Hsien-Ming

2008 Taiwan International. Video Art Exhibition / HU, Sean C. S and CHEN, Yung-Hsien (Curator)

Tree Valley Park

Blink / Jin-Zhi Gallery

2008 Kaohsiung Iron & Steel Sculpture Festival / CHEN Kai-Huang (Curator)

Cheng-Ming Lee's Solo Exhibition of Color Ink Paintings / LEE, Cheng-Ming Jimmy


Category: Performing Art    Oct. 01 - Dec. 31, 2008

<The Pavilion of Praying to the Moon> / Taiwan BangZi Company

<Listen To Me, Please!> / Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group

<The Daylight at the Dark Night> The Hatch / Drama Club Theater and RUKADEN

<Fable To Be or Not To Be> / M.O.V.E. Theatre

<Lu Xun 2008> / Body Phase Studio

<The Village> / Performance Workshop Theatre Taiwan

<Bones> / Horse Dance Theatre

Tong / Capital Ballet Taipei

<In Memory of Memories>/ Dance Forum Taipei

Debut of WCdance  <Small> / WCdance

<45 Solo, Wu I-Fang>  / Wind Dance Theatre

<Death and Love of My Mother: The Reminiscence of the Diva Daughter> / National Chinese Orchestra

<Percussion Happens Daily> / Ju Percussion Group


The 7th Taishin Arts Awards - Nominees from Call For Entry

Category: Visual Art

Homelandscape II -- His Death / LIU, Ho-Jang

snowWHY / WANG, Tsen


Category: Performing Art

Diving in the Moment / Mobius Strip Theatre


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