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Exhibition Title: HUANG Lan-Ya: Fantasy Forest

Dates: March 12 to April 20, 2018


Drawing inspiration from her memory, personal emotions, life and bodily experiences, HUANG Lan-Ya has materialized her inner, abstract feelings through using thermoplastic resin, also known as “hot glue.” The characteristics of this medium remind people of an embryo at its initial stage as the liquid glue is in a fluid state; gradually, it solidifies into a form. This soft, moldable yet resilient quality echoes the infinite possibilities of life, which possesses versatility and resilience. Huang’s object of works is informed by an array of richly colorful and organic forms that are reminiscent of blooming flowers from a fantastical, dream-like world.

This specific work germinated as one single tree and has grown into a forest throughout many years of diligent work. Each “revitalized” tree has a real, felled and discarded tree trunk at its core, under the brightly multi-colored bark. The artist has covered the unwanted tree trunks with new bark, and given them a different form of life filled with fresh flowers and fruits.

The number of trees in Fantasy Forest is still growing as this rainbow-colored forest born from discarded wood is a long-term art project spanning many years.


About the Artist / HUANG Lan-Ya

HUANG Lan-Ya holds an MFA from Taipei National University of the Arts. She uses hot glue guns instead of brushes and hot glue as her paint to create organic forms from her inner world. Her works have been exhibited extensively in the US, Belgium, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University.

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