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Past Taishin Finalists  
CHANG Ting-Tong, CHENG Hsien-Yu and Dino2020-19th Visual Arts Award

CHANG Ting-Tong was born in Taipei in 1982. He holds a BA in Advertising from National Cheng-Chi University and an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London. His creative practice spans a variety of mediums, including installation, painting, performance and video, with which he combines different disciplines, such as science, biology and biokinetics, to reflect the relationship among humanity, technology and society. His major awards in recent years include the RBS Bursary Award (UK) and RISE Award (Hong Kong). His works can be found in the collections of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Embassy of Brazil London, the Noblesse Collection Seoul, the JM SR Collection Mexico and various private collections in Europe and Asia.

CHENG Hsien-Yu was born in Kaohsiung in 1984. An artist as well as a software and machine developer, his work revolves around electronic devices, software and experimental devices of bioenergy that explore the relationships among human behaviors, emotions, software and machines. With humorous approaches, he enriches his work with symbols of life and meanings of existence, which serves as metaphors for his understandings of the surrounding environment. He currently focuses on research about biology, electronics and software, as well as the development and creation of sounds, creative software and hardware. He was honored with the recognition of Young Talent in the Netherlands, and is the recipient of the First Prize of Taipei Digital Art Award, Honorable Mention in New Media Art of Kaohsiung Award, and Tung Chung Art Award.

DINO (LIAO Ming-Ho) was born in Taipei in 1976. He is an iconic figure in Taiwan’s second-wave noise in the 90s, and was a member of the music band, The Clippers. His work signals a technical transition of the noise movement in Taipei towards pure analog electronic sounds in the second half of the 90s, and establishes a milestone with its unique aesthetics. DINO’s electronic sounds are generated with extremely simple analog equipment. He utilizes circuitry noises, static or microphone feedback to create loops and generate “Recycle Music” without sonic input. In recent years, he has engaged in experimental film and live music production for experimental theater. He is a recipient of Best Sound Effects in the Taipei Film Festival.

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