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2003- 2nd Annual  Taishin Arts Awards Finalists
Godot Theatre Company[ ART ]

Title of the Project: ART 
Date of Premier: Dec 25, 2003
Venue of Premier: National Theatre, Taipei
Production Company: Godot Theatre Company

《ART》is about the argument among three friends for decades. One of the three bought a painting and invited the others to enjoy it. However, their discussion about this painting seemed to evolve around their viewpoint towards friendship, value, and each other. In the end, their friendship was torn apart and they were force to contemplate over their friendship.
The design of stage aims to create a close rapport with the audience so the intimacy between the play and the audience can be established. In this play, there are only three actors with three different viewpoints. Therefore, there are three separate sets of properties and three paintings to reflect each viewpoint. The design of the stage and the light are all related to their equivalent viewpoints.

The Godot Theatre Company's ART, though based on an adapted script, fully assimilated the deep understandings and re-constructions of the director, Liang Chi-ming, and the three senior actors Lee Li-chun, Chin Shih-chieh, and Paoming Ku, preserving the vivid description and profound analysis of the original play on and one hand and implanting eloquent modern and local language on the other hand, which bestowed the whole play with rich color and affective power. The three actors showed their sophisticated and masterly acting talents just like they were playing a dramatic trio; such a small ensemble developed three independent themes that highlighted one another as well.

ART is a French play and unbelievably it seems to be tailor-made for the three outstanding local actors, Chin Shih-jie, Li Li-chun and Ku Bao-ming. The audience watches the actors alternate between the roles they played and themselves in the real life on stage, and after the curtain falls, they are left with some kind of mystique. I would like to thank the host of this event. Because of you, ART can ever last even after the curtain falls.(by Liang chih-min)

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