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Dance Forum Taipei/Taipei Chinese Orchestra[ 2011 Taipei Arts Festival—Eastern Tale ]
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Jury's comments
After exploration and accumulation over the “Eastern Wind” series, choreographer Yang, Ming-Lung took a step further and completed the new dance Eastern Tale based on the story of Farewell My Concubine. Under red, white and black tones, the dance narrates the heavy heart of Xiang Yu in contrast to his steadfast appearance, as well as the contrast between Yu Ji’s inner tenderness and her determined actions. The second half of the dance is the climax of the choreographer’s imagination and creativity. Fabric is used masterfully throughout the dance to express different meanings, and the overall structure is complete and mature. The dancers give precise performances, and showcase intricate skills and flawless chemistry. As they indulge in their respective characters, the dancers fully convey the thoughts of the choreographer. Also, the music and live instrumental performance prove to be the icing on the cake. This is one perfect combination, and a wonderful performance.   Committee member: Liang, Rui-Rong

''2011 Taipei Arts Festival—Eastern Tale''
The concept of Eastern Tale comes from the historical period known as the Chu-Han Contention, a period of turbulent warfare. With the Battle of Gai Xia (202 B.C.) as its backdrop, the latest work by choreographer Yang, Ming-Lung is the romance between Xiang Yu, one of China’s greatest military commanders and Yu Ji, his beloved concubine. With its abundant historical references, the tale explores the intricate Eastern notions of the feminine, in its various facets of patience, sacrifice, and wisdom, how it constructs and bonds with the masculine during times of crisis, and all future possibilities within a particular set of circumstances.

Given the predicament of the original Farewell My Concubine, the story is constructed in terms of three alternate scenarios, or three different endings to the progression of events, in which the final outcome is no longer ordained. Its holistic dance is unburdened by the complicated structure of the narrative, focusing instead on physical expression, humanity in the wake of crisis, the physical manifestation of emotional repression, and an intertweaving portrait of fierce masculine and feminine resilience. Chung, Yiu-Kwong serves as Music Director, making special use of three traditional musical instruments: guqin, pipa, erhu. Electronic composer Tseng, Yu-Chung weaves electronic music into three separate scenarios, over the whole duration, such that contemporary Eastern dance and classical music are fused together in a violent and treacherous circle.

About Dance Forum Taipei/Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Dance Forum Taipei was founded in 1989. In addition to performing all over Taiwan, it has traveled to numerous countries including the U.S., the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. The Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) is the first professional orchestra in Taiwan. Since its founding in 1979, it has maintained a reputation for eminence in its versatility and artistic excellence.

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