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2011 - The 10th Taishin Art AwardFinalists
National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C[ On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung ]
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Jury's comments
On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung exemplified his mastery of spatial composition and musical structure. He developed a unique movement dynamic and aesthetics derived from his own cultural background, through inspirations from his travels to China with his two dancers/collaborators. The expanded trio version, with an excellent production team of costume, video, and other designers, plus the third dancer, added layers and variations to the superbly, enthralling performance. On the Road not only earned rave reviews from the harshest critics at home, but has even garnered top choreographic prizes in Europe. This partly humorous and partly serious work may remind us of Jack Kerouac’s travelogue of the same title, but represents a unique vision of the artist of new generation from a different time and space.   Committee member:Lin, Ya-Tin

On the Road by Cheng Tsung-Lung is an excellent example of contemporary choreography, which demonstrates his mature skill. He has developed a rich and inventive movement vocabulary, blending Eastern and Western traditions, to express his artistic vision.  The piece unfolds slowly with deliberate pace, continuously engaging the audience along its path. The use of paint on the dancers' bodies, which gradually reveals itself as the piece progresses, is an example of the innovative ideas of this young artist. Fluid and eloquent movements, stunningly performed by three dancers, have not been seen before in international contemporary works. The choreographer's use of a wide range and variety of music shows that he is not afraid of taking on a challenge. The live sitar, beautifully played, added mysterious flavor.  Mr. Cheng is a fresh and unique voice in the international dance scene.  Committee member: Lin, Ya-Tin、Chang, Chi-Feng、Martin Wechsler、Yoko Shioya、Jade Y. Chen

''On the Road by Cheng, Tsung-Lung''
Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s 1957 novel, On the Road is both an examination and performance of Cheng Tsung-lung’s personal life journey. The entire dance performance takes place over the course of an unusual trip that reveals the chemistry between long-distance travel companions as they reflect on the origin and purpose of their journey, and in the process, find themselves and true meaning through the roles they play.

Three outstanding male dancers were invited to perform in the 75-minute production: Luo, Siwei; Jiang, Baoshu; and Zhang, Jian Hao. The work was specially tailored to the dancers. The production team includes prominent figures in their respective areas, including: Lin, Fang-yi; Ethan Wang; Russ Kao; Shen, Bo-hong; and Lin, Bing-hao. On the Road is Cheng Tsung-lung’s first full-length work. Its creation was supported by a grant from the National Culture and Arts Foundation, and it has been widely acclaimed since its premiere in April 2011. In July, it was invited to be part of NTCH’s New Idea Dance Series. In June, it won Best Group at the Premio Roma Danza International Choreography Competition in Italy, and in October, it won Best Choreography at the 16th Masdanza Choreography Competition in Spain.

About National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C.
The National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center (National Theater and National Concert Hall) was initially established to raise the nation’s artistic standards. Countless world-renowned artists, such as the New York Philharmonic, the Martha Graham Dance Company, and the world’s leading tenors have all performed at the National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center. Local performance groups quickly followed suit, first establishing themselves in Taiwan, then embarking on the international stage to display the beauty of Taiwan’s performing arts to the rest of the world.

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