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National Symphony Orchestra Commissioned by National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center[ On the Road ]
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Jury's Comments
Blending multimedia, live performance and symphony music, this event featured the traditional music of Taiwan's Aboriginal peoples. Performers included the Nanwang Tribal Unit of the Puyuma Tribe in Taitung and the National Symphony Orchestra, which represents the heart of western mainstream culture. The performance narrates the tension experienced as Aboriginal art is introduced into mainstream society, reflecting the sometimes polemic criticism that it has generated in Taiwan. Furthermore, reactions to this performance also highlight the disadvantaged position of Aboriginal music in Taiwanese society. At the same time, the high artistic merit of this performance has had a profound effect on audiences, transcending binary oppositions such as the mainstream and the margin, and the dominant and disadvantaged. Committee member: Yang, Chien-Chang

“On the Road” 
The National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center's “On the Road” was performed on February 26, 2010 at the National Concert Hall. “On the Road” is the fifth performance in the performance series “Voice of Taiwan ” and is a multi-media musical based on the music of the Nanwang Tribal Unit of the Puyuma Tribe in Taitung. Even though the tribal unit is not very large, it has produced many famous talented musicians and singers such as A-Mei and the Puyuma Sisters.
“On the Road” is a story that happened in the Nanwang Tribal Unit. An exceptional singer of the Puyuma Tribe seeks to make his musical dream come true. He is a classical music conductor searching his memory for the music that embodies the life of his people, their carefree attitude toward life and their hopes and wishes, which are presented one after another in the form of songs and dances.
The musical showcased the resonant Puyuma traditional songs. The talented and renowned singers such as Kimbo, the Puyuma Sisters, and the Bunun Cultural and Artistic Troupe harmonized with the expressive music of the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jien, Wen-Bin, providing the audience with a touchingly beautiful experience.
Award-winning Li, Xin-Yun composed new arrangements for string instruments in presenting the Puyuma songs with their rich harmonies and powerful melodies and Zheng, Jie-Ren arranged the music based on his long-term research on Aboriginal music.
Chang Si-Shi-San, producer of Taiwan Colors Music that features Aboriginal music, was invited to serve as chief planner. He collaborated with the singers as well as with the National Symphony Orchestra. The multi-media production combined traditional folk songs, contemporary compositions, and film, capturing the sounds of nature from the forest and the sea, and presenting the audience with a rich feast of Puyuma music and artistic creativity.

About National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center
The National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center was established in 1987. Many internationally renowned artists and performing groups such as the New York Philharmonic, the Martha Graham Dance Company, and Taiwan's performance groups such as Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Legend Lin Dance Theater, U-Theater, Han Tang Yue-Fu, and the Center's National Symphony Orchestra have all performed there.
By promoting cultural and artistic exchange and contact with foreign countries, the National Theater has brought the beauty of Taiwan to many people throughout the world, while its spectacular performances have won over appreciative audiences at home and abroad, and helped propel Taiwan’s performance groups to success in the international sphere. 

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