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The Party Theatre Group[ The Sky Crisis ]
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Jury's Comments
Even if you take the cross-strait issue out of this pleasantly surprise of a black comedy, the work is full of imaginative devices that ably reflect the predicament of Taiwan and the Taiwanese today. By using the style of action films and spy thrillers, it breaks through the standard fare of Taiwanese theater. By using comic book style narration, character masks and other forms, its two exceptional actors are able to play multiple roles. These involve cross-gender and gay issues, and political developments are cleverly interwoven with problems of family, emotions, gender and national identity in a way that’s both delicate and daring. Writer An-chen Chiu and director Chumley Dan’s sensitive portrayal of politics leaves the Taiwanese theater of 2008 with an outstanding footnote to the times. Committee member: Hong-Ya YEN

The Sky Crisis
The Party Theater Groupss play The Sky Crisis debuted at the Guling Street Theater on September 26 - 28, 2008. The new production's script by playwright An-Chen CHIU and props (masks and 200+ comic book illustrations) were developed specifically for the play. Using the historical backdrop of the past 50 years of uncertainty and conflict arising from Taiwan's contentious relationship with China, the play turns the conventional Cold War spy story into an unconventional comedic drama, while still reflecting the attitudes and anxieties of the average Taiwanese.

Through nine dark and sometimes humorous scenes that feature six characters played by two mask-wearing actors and complemented by the comic projections illustrated by artist De-Feng KE, the production is the first Taiwanese political black comedy on the topic of cross-strait relations and is packed with all of the action, suspense, and sex of a Hollywood spy movie. By merging styles and media, The Sky Crisis presents the personal and national confusion, conflict, and sometimes craziness that the Taiwanese people live every day.

About The Party Theater Group
The Party Theater Group (PTG) was founded by An-Chen CHIU in 2000 focusing on original works by international artists and works that contain minority themes such as homosexuality.

In 2002, Mr. Chiu wrote The Story of Two Lovers, inspired by Romeo and Juliet. It was performed by the Fun Stage Theater Company of Singapore in September 2004. PTG presented the tragic-comedy production Eden as part of the 2002 Eslite Basement Festival. Young and Wild premiered in December 2003. In 2004 and 2005, PTG organized two festivals, while Give it Up! Kafka, produced in September 2006, included puppetry and live music. In 2007, PTG performed Letter Home and Love, Just in Time.

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