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2003- 2nd Annual  Taishin Arts Awards Taishin Finalists

Godot Theatre Company[ ART ]
Title of the Project: ART
Date of Premier: Dec 25, 2003
《ART》is about the argument among three friends for decades. One of the three bought a painting and invited the others to enjoy it. However, their discussion about this painting seemed to evolve around their viewpoint towards friendship, value, and each other. In the end, their friendship was torn apart and they were force to contemplate over their friendship.
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Performance Workshop Theatre Taiwan[ Mumble Jumble ]
Title of the Project: Mumble Jumble
Date of Premier: Nov 28, 2003
Besides lecturing on the Western drama, Professor Stan Lai has been trying to introduce the Greek comedy to Taiwan. In 2003, the leading actors of the Performance Workshop Theatre Taiwan (PWTT), including Ismene Nai-chang Ting, Chen Lihua, Edward Lam and Mathias Woo cooperated with the Arts Centre in Hong Kong to stage the sitcom of Giligulu:
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National Symphony Orchestra[ NSO Opera Series─Tristan und Isolde ]
Title of the Project: NSO Opera Series─Tristan und Isolde
Date of Premier: Jun 28, 2003
Since Wen-Pin Chien assumed his post at NSO, he has continued to organize two operas in the same genre every season. By blended in theatrical elements, Chien has brought in a different taste on semi-staged opera and demonstrated his sensibility towards the arrangement of orchestra and the human voice. First two presentations of the series, Die Walke and Tosca, which nominated top ten performing art events of 2002 by art critics in Taiwan, have generated enthusiastic feedbacks in the arts scene of Taiwan.
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National Guo Guang Opera Company[ The Most Scheming Woman in Dreams of the Red Chamber ]
Title of the Project: The Most Scheming Woman in Dreams of the Red Chamber
Date of Premier: Oct 16, 2003
The reasons why National Guo Guang Opera Company launches this play is as follows:
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Dance Forum Taipei[ Spiderina ]
Title of the Project: Spiderina
Date of Premier: Apr 18, 2003
Forum Taipei and the One & Its Double Theater. Instead of using puppets on stage, the director and choreographer developed the characters and designs of the roles through the elements of puppet. The spirits of ballet, modern, jazz, street dance and even Chinese folks dance were all used in the piece...
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Dance Forum Taipei[ Eastern Current ]
Title of the Project: Eastern Current
Date of Premier: Oct. 31, 2003
Dance Forum Taipei (DFT) has explored the ideas of Asia for years. In 2002, the choreographer of DFT, Ming-Lung Yang was inspired by the Chinese traditional hand puppetry, began the series works of "Eastern Winds".
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