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Liuyi Li
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Graduated from Department of Directing, the Central Academy of Drama, Li Liuyi is a renowned dramatist currently living in China, and a director and playwright of the Beijing People\'s Art Theatre. Among the dramas he directed are “Zhuangzi Testing His Wife”, “Military Train, Brightness After Gloom” (also the playwright), “Mahjong Eclipse” (also the playwright), “Cao Yu\'s classic Wilderness and Peking Man”, “the New Peking Man”, “Temptress Moon (co-directed with Lin Zhaohua)”, “Myriad Twinkling Lights” (co-directed with Lin Zhaohua), and “This Life of Mine” (also the playwright), etc. Among the opera works he directed are “Good Woman of Sichuan” (Sichuan opera), “Zhang Damin” (pingju, a local opera of north and northeast China), “Prime Minister Liuluoguo” (Beijing opera), “Legend of the White Snake” (Henan opera, also the playwright), “Puppets Story”(play adapter) and the Heroine Trilogy - “Mu Guiying”, “Hua Mulan”, “Liang Hongyu”(also the playwright), etc.
In the last couple of year, dramas directed by Li Liuyi were staged on invitation at various prestigious art festivals all over the world as well as he was invited to direct some dramas. The collection of his works Li Liuyi Pure Drama was published by the People’s Literature Publishing House, and has been translated into multiple languages.