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2006- 5th Annual Taishin Arts AwardsFinal Selection Jury
Mingder CHUNG / Dean & Professor, College of Theater Arts, Taipei National University of Arts
Dr. Chung currently is Dean and Professor of the College of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of Arts. He holds a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies, New York University (1992). He works as program advisor for the Asian Cultural Council, Taipei; artistic advisor for the Taipei Dance Circle; theatre advisor for the Contemporary Legend Theatre and for many other governmental or private organizations.
Publications include The Art of Sacredness: Tell It Forward with Jerzy Grotowski (2001), The History of the Little Theatre Movement of Taiwan (1999), Avant-Garde Permanent (1999) and many others.
Currently he is conducting researches on Taiwan’s rituals, songs, and dances to extend the discoveries of Jerzy Grotowski.
Marie COLLIN / Directrice Artistique du Festival d’Automne à Paris
Marie Collin was born in 1949 in France. She has Sociology and Philosophy degree. In 1978-2007, Ms. Collin served as Directrice artistique du Festival d’Automne à Paris, in charged of Theater, Dance, and Arts Programs. She was the Director of Nimes Theater, and Theater Programmer at Georges Pompidou Center.
Chul-Lee KIM / Director, Seoul Performing Arts Festival
Chul-Lee Kim currently is the Artistic Director of Seoul Performing Arts Festival, and Committee Member of Korea & Japan Theater Exchange Association. He is a professional director (theater & musical), play translator, and actor.
Born in 1953, he holds a master’s degree in the department of Performing Arts from Sungkyunkwan University. He received vocalization education study from UK Royal Shakespeare Company, training invited by Japan Children’s Theater Association, Radio Netherlands Training Center, TV Producer.
He was awarded the 7th Korea Musical Awards: Director award (Sports Chosun), The 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Director award (Hankuk Ilbo), and the 29th Dong-A Theatre Award: Director award (Dong-A Ilbo), The 15th Seoul Theatre festival: Play Translation award, etc.
Mr. Kim was artistic director of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Theatre Festival and National Theatre Company of Korea, Executive Director of I.T.I, Korea and Theater Association of Korea, Vice Chairman of Theater Directors Association of Korea, Director General of Seoul International Theater Festival, and plenty of play translation and directing works.
Danny YUNG / Artistic Director, Zuni Icosahedron
Danny N.T. Yung was born in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong at the age of five. He studied Architecture at the University of California University, Berkeley, and Urban Design and Urban Planning at Columbia University.
In 1982, he founded Zuni Icosahedron, a Hong Kong art collective, and has been Artistic Director since 1985. His theatre works with Zuni have visited Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, London, Munich, New York, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and many other cities. In 2000, Yung organized an eleven weeks Festivals of Vision, a cross-cultural festival and conferences in Berlin and Hong Kong, involved 1000 artists and cultural practitioners from 35 cities in Asia and Europe.
Yung is a keen advocate of new art forms. His experimental films, video and installation works have been shown at festivals in Berlin, London, Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York. His artwork is included in the Inside Out: New Chinese Art in 1999. His one-person show “Tree and Man” opened at 1A Gallery in 2003.
From 1997, Yung has initiated several important arts network in Asia - Asia Arts Net, Chinese City to City Cultural Forum, Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network. In 2002, he co-organized World Culture Forum, and became Vice-president in 2003. He was a former part-time member of Central Policy Unit, a Hong Kong Government Think Tank.
Currently, he is the policy advisor to Hong Kong government on several important cultural matters such as Creative Industries, West Kowloon Cultural District, and Planning of Cultural Hub. He has collaborated with UNESCO in initiating Arts in Education Observatory and the Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage, and is the founder of the HKICC School of Creativity in Hong Kong.
Mei-Ying YANG / Lecturer, Southern Taiwan University
Mei-Ying Yang graduated from Taipei National University of Arts with a Master degree of Theater Arts. She is currently the Artistic Director of “The Dramatic Troupe,” and the guest Lecturer at National Southern Taiwan University of Technology Center of General Education, National University of Tainan Dept. of Drama Creation and Application. Ms. Yang is also a Leturer at Tainan Community College Art and Humanity class, the Committee Member of Foundation of Historic City Conservation and Regeneration. She was invited to come to Miami University Theater Dept as a guest artist, conducted body training and body movement workshops. As a theater professional, she takes parts in many lectures and reviewing panels. In 2002, she was resident artist at Tainan An-Ping International Artist Village.