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"Life is more beautiful with the presence of art, as culture enriches its people 
and their sentiments."

The establishment of the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture was intended to create an entirely new standard in the support of the arts by inspiring each individual's creative ability and harnessing the collective artistic potential, thereby cultivating an enduring appreciation for arts and culture in everyday life.

 The Taishin Foundation focuses on stimulating and expanding Taiwanese contemporary arts. This mission inspired the Taishin Arts Awards, which has already achieved high recognition and international reputation. Taishin owes this continued success to the efforts and involvement of the Board Members, Foundation Staff, and experts in the arts community.
We hope to deepen our involvement in diverse areas and continue to act as a liaison between the community and Taiwanese contemporary arts. Yet in terms of artistic innovation and collective achievements, we can do even more. As the Taishin Arts Awards are a medium for artists and their work, our future strategies include: increasing collaboration between arts criticism and programming activities, utilizing the international influence of our jury, actively facilitating international exchange opportunities for our awardees, developing promotional strategies, supporting artists' entries into academies and residency programs, and contributing to publications in related journals. These endeavors will further strengthen the universal renown of the awards, raise community enthusiasm for arts and culture, and foster appreciation and participation in contemporary arts among Taiwan's youth. Upon this mission, the Taishin Foundation and the art world will together inspire unprecedented achievements in Taiwanese arts.

Inaugurator, Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture

Thomas T.L. WU